Amidst Dwindling Poll Numbers, MSNBC Travels to Kenya to Locate Obama Fans

Thank the Lord for Ronan Farrow!

Man, this is just pathetic. If you haven’t seen MSNBC’s latest show, “Ronan Farrow Daily,” it’s most likely because no one has. But he’s definitely the new “it-kid” as far as liberals are concerned. Ronan recently earned a Walter Cronkite Award, which was bestowed upon him on only the third day of his broadcasting career. Think Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize. And that came on the heels of a glowing New York Times puff piece that predicted the 25-year-old will be a future president. Oh, I can’t wait. Actually, let’s change the law so he can run in 2016! Can we???

Now in his third week at MSNBC, Ronan delivers to us a supposed “news report” so laughable that you almost have to commend him. On the same day that NBC News released polling showing that Barack Obama’s popularity has plummeted to new lows, Mr. Farrow has decided to take us on a little trip to Kenya…you know, just to prove to us that someone in the world still loves Barry.

Kenyans still love Barack Obama. Everyone in Kenya emulates him,” declares one woman. Another interviewee shares his love for our Dear Leader with a catchy song.

So, there you have it. Even if a majority of Americans has decided that the 44th President of the United States is fairly worthless, there’s always Kenya. Ironically, it also happens to be the last geographic location on Earth that Democrats would have mentioned during the 2012 presidential election (do you hear that, Donald Trump?). But desperate times call for desperate measures, and, you know, Ronan Farrow is on a mission to save the universe or something.

Comment below with your thoughts on Obama, Kenya, and Ronan Farrow’s amazing broadcasting skills…


Matt Fox

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  • Johnny

    L O L This is so sad, I cannot even begin to comment.

    • Starkeraving

      you hit the nail on the head – I need a good laugh today


      While he is there ,have him look for Barry’s birth certificate.LOL

      • kevin9557

        And his college transcript…

        • Joe_D

          Maybe he could drop a twenty dollar bill on Obama’s half-brothers lap and double his reported yearly income. Obama preaches that we are our brothers keeper….. I guess half-brothers don’t count.

          • anon ymous

            He didn’t say ” were are our brother’s keeper ” he said ” YOU are the Brutha’s keeper…so pay up you creepyass taxpayers “.

          • Joe_D

            I stand corrected. It all makes sense now.

          • orangetiger49

            Why anonymous? We are not your Brutha’s keeper you are so you pay up or are you one who doesn’t have to pay taxes?

        • Hoptop

          Does it even need to be stated that nobody watches the far left state run media? Do people already know they are just talking to themselves and a very small group of fellow communist/fascists each broadcast? It’s good to vote with your tv remote if you even watch much tv anymore.

        • atkoa

          I think Obama is the first President to hide his college transcripts, now we know why.

          • willhen50

            I think he is the first “president” to create his own birth. His birth certificate is a forgery and his past is a mystery. All we have is his word and since he has a predilection for lying that isn’t good enough. Ever hear of a Harvard Review editor not have an article or publication on record?

      • matinva

        and his brain.

      • chamuiel

        The Kenyan Government won’t release it. Been there, done that.

      • What Next

        The Kenyans accept Barack as their native son.
        That’s good enough for me.

    • gadsdenamn


    • A_lawyer_who_knows

      Every Muslim in Kenya loves Obama because they believe he is one of them.

      Every man his mother ever married was Islamic and she lived in Islamic countries for the majority of her adult life.

      • RealityCheck

        The Kenyans aren’t alone….a lot of us here in the US believe he’s one of them as well.

        • san rafael blue

          If it looks like a (lame) duck….

      • anon ymous

        Obama’s mother and her parents were anti-Christian Marxists.

        • Dlbnfla

          A commie writer/porn producer and a cheap young hippie, what did you think the spawn of that relationship would become? President? Who could have guessed it? …….. Unless it was a sinister plan, too elaborate to imagine outside of the minds of evil doers. A great movie plot if anyone survives to write it….

          • Sam Houston

            It was already written. It was called Rosemarie’s Baby.

      • The_Frog_Prince

        The acorn never falls far from the tree.

      • Sam Houston

        She was definitely a skank whore. You got that NSA? Go tell your overlord master like a good little boy. As the illegals say, “No Fear”.

    • libwithIQ

      Hey Ronan! Not too many eligible voters over in Kenya. At least legal ones.

      • disqus_v8NEyvCfgt

        You forget they’ll be voting democrap. Doesn’t really matter where they’re from. EH

      • Bill Brown

        Not yet, libwithIQ, but the dems are working on it. They tried to do it through the DMV, but nobody has a car. Then they wanted to do it through the post office, but nobody can write, so they are still looking for a way to tap this new voter base and if you dis-agree then obviously you are a racist, bigot, homophobe.

      • Mike_E_V

        That won’t stop them from voting!

        • Joe_D

          It is my understanding that Obama will sign an executive order on his last day in office declaring that all of Africa is being annexed into Washington DC and he is appointing himself mayor for life.

      • What Next

        Next Ronan will travel to Dagestan, to interview supporters who love Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber.

      • Jackie Owens

        Not many in Detroit either but they all voted 6 times.

      • frankjohnson221

        Now that obama intends not to deport anyone many of them will arrive just in time for the 2016 elections and support whomever the dems put up.

    • Cahal the Madβ„’

      BEYOND sad.

    • Bill

      0bama won’t be so popular in Kenya once he imposes 0bamacare on them.

    • kenpuck

      So now Kenyans will be allowed to vote. Here. Smart.

    • sybilll

      I can’t be the only one who noticed the squalor in the background as they praise Chicago Jesus. Am I?

      • Sam Houston

        Observant are ye. You weren’t supposed to see that. Actually, that was their village before 2008. Those living in the squalor are actually refugees; White from South Africa. If the camera would have panned further to the left, you would have seen the multi-million dollar town homes that they live in.

  • Waymoregooder

    …douche chills.

  • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

    Why the hell would it matter if Kenya liked him or not? He’s the president in America. His failing #’s can’t be helped with support from kenya….

    • chris1776

      Two words: “Open borders”

      • Dutra

        One word; ‘DESPERATION’.

        • tailgunner002

          or no words,,,speechless!

          • eyesjamesq


          • Mike_E_V

            Speechless means no teleprompter.

      • gadsdenamn

        Two other words: “Brain Dead” = MSNBC

      • EviLibertarian

        Two relatives (to prove your point): Aunt Zeituni the welfare leech & Uncly Onyango the drunk driver, both of which should have been deported.

      • RealityCheck

        One NUMBER:


        • susandanielspi

          2014 is pretty important, too.

          • Sam Houston

            2016 will be the new Independence Day of our generation if 2014 does not remove the filth and vermin out of DC.

    • Tomas Cruz

      Maybe he should stay with Obama’s brother, I’m sure he can make some room in his hut for him.

      • TheBitterClinger1

        Obama too when he retires- we’ll have to scrounge up some more cardboard and a Coleman stove for them. We’ll do that in lieu of his pension and Secret Service detail.

        • krell51

          We have a retirement home for Obama, Leavenworht untill the 2116 elections.

          • J***h2

            You damn Skippy! Right where him, Holder and Clintons belong.

          • Mindy Robinson

            I was thinking guantanamo bay.

          • Sam Houston

            I was thinking of a firing squad for him (being the CnC of the Armed Forces). Queen Moozilla will be on a lavish trip to Paris. While visiting the Bastille Day Museum, she “accidentally” finds herself in the guillotine exhibit. Oops! Off with her head! French Compatriots….Consider the debt of freeing your Nation from the Nazis paid off. All others in King Obama’s regime shall meet their fate in the gallows. Of course, theywill get the same fair and impartial court trials that we have been given. Oh what a glorious day that would be. Not the death part, but to be ride of that vile pestilence that has plagued our Land for far too long.

        • gadsdenamn

          LOL and a new pair of MOM jeans

      • jack48

        The little twerp could fit in a shoe box after all.

      • Siritis

        Lots o’ room—-Bro’ probably expanded the abode with the money he begged from Dinesh D’souza.

      • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

        Obama’s brother is illegally living in America now.

      • anon ymous

        An American President who’s brother lives in a dirt floored hut. How did America fall so far?…So quickly..

        • Tomko Kubianca

          Soon all American will have a dirt floor. If you like your dirt floor you can keep your dirt floor; Period!

        • SmartDoctor

          Women were given the vote. That’s how.

    • lukuj

      Unless he is actually a Kenyan

    • Troy Stevens

      But his birth home is Kenya.

      • Tomko Kubianca

        Hey! that’s racist! You must be Negrophobic.

        • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

          And it’s Bush’s fault!

    • Sam Huston

      Absentee ballots.

    • Luxomni

      Maybe he can President there after he finishes here? Of course I have no proof that he will go after the expiration of his second term. After all, that is just the Constitution, and that that pesky Constitution tries to get in the way all the time.

    • PatMagroin69

      Future voters.

    • Red_Ruffansore

      What’s stopping them from voting in an election? Certainly not any borders/laws/government in our country.

      • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

        Or Voter ID’s good point, good point.

    • libwithIQ

      He probably carried voter registration forms over with him.

      • bob machaffy

        he wil sign them all up for obamacare while he’s at it

        • fhjhjdsfdgs443345


        • Tomko Kubianca

          I don’t believe Obama would be that cruel to his own people.

    • RealityCheck

      True, but as the old saying goes, “When you’re in quicksand, struggle like hell”. It’s getting harder every day for Obozo to find any support in his own country. Another old nautical saying comes to mind: “Any port in a storm”. The storm’s just getting started.

    • chamuiel

      When he retires in the U.S., then he can go be president in Kenya.

      it was one of his fathers life long dream.

      • fhjhjdsfdgs443345

        I thought that dild0 wanted to work for ESPN.

  • potusWORTHLESS

    You will find even more odumb@$$ fans at all the mosques! That is the equivalent of hell!

  • BigDog

    Barry can head over there after 2016 and do some hopee changee.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I volunteer to pack his bags – tee hee!

      • gadsdenamn

        I will pay for his plane ticket.

        • Wallmantx

          On the next flight 370

  • theDert

    Just go get that dam birth certificate they carved on some a rock next to that hut mommaObamma popped out that w!gger.

    • Me

      Someone who cannot even spell damn is not a member of any superior group, Cletus. And I don’t see a big difference between a hut in Kenya and some crappy white trash trailer in this country

      • Tomko Kubianca

        If you want to REALLY test his intelligence in order to determine superiority, ask him “how many states are there in the US”. If he answers 57, then you’ll know he’s a real moron.

  • Joshua B.

    Wait wait wait.. I recognize that place.. That’s the west side of Chicago.

    • Mark Kittering

      I was thinking it was Camden NJ…

      • Conservative_Hippie

        You’re both wrong it’s Detroit! Oh wait, I see a building still standing, LOL!

      • Joshua B.

        Naa, I’m fairly sure it was Chicago. When the camera pans he says “In America Obama’s popularity…” The train tracks on the left of the shot are from an old steel mill that was shut down after the unions came in and destroyed city.

      • Troy Stevens

        IT was 8 mile detroit.

      • gadsdenamn

        To nice for Camden!!

        • Conservative_Hippie


    • Sam the Man

      Its too upscale to be Detroit

      • Conservative_Hippie


        • EviLibertarian

          awesome avatar btw πŸ˜‰

          • Conservative_Hippie

            Thank you! I loved my Bertha, may she rest in peace!

  • glenp827

    someone better tell that gayboy the don’t tolerate homosexuality and especially Obama there

    • TheBitterClinger1

      So he can’t take Rahm Emmanuel with him? Damn………………..

  • Conservative_Hippie

    2016 can’t come soon enough!

  • 1CEO

    Will he be sporting his baby blue contact lens and tinted hair?

  • tonyscarp

    Perhaps after the 2014 elections with Congress in control of the GOP and Obama’s inevitable impeachment, the failure-in-chief could return to the land of his birth and inflict his ideology on the clueless Kenyans.

  • DJH78745

    I think the most comical part is all the preening and whining about the superiiority of their intellect yet over and over again they prove to be nothing more than ideologues wholly ignorant of reality and oblivious to the abysmal failures of their policy ideas.

    I don’t know if it’s terribly humorous or catastrophically sad how these clowns have replaced ideology for intellect, propaganda and deceit for fact and continue to prove the media is the number 1 enemy of the American people, the future of our children and this nation as a whole. It’s time the media was treated as the enemy they are.
    Destroy the media!

    • Ez03

      Well said! Best comment.

    • MET

      I’ve been saying that for as long as I can remember… the media has significant clout in influencing our citizenry … We need several conservative TV stations and print media to counter the liberal outlets …Fox can’t do all the heavy lifting by themselves …

  • James Hansen

    and find the birth certificate while there…

  • rennyangel2

    Maybe he can help fund ozero’s brother and locate a real birth cert. sarc

  • Freedom_Isnt_Free

    MSNBC has to be on it’s last legs hiring this neophyte to their already failing lineup! This is desperation at it’s worst!

    • Mark Kittering

      it looks like they happened upon a village run by democrats in Kenya.

      • gadsdenamn

        they gotts free obama fones?

  • locha

    I CAN’T comment on this….no this time.

  • The Oracle

    Was inspired upon reading, WHERE’S WALDO?’

  • TheBitterClinger1

    The cartoon characters of MSLSD, whatever, are being given way too much bandwidth. I am pleased Kenyans still love Barack Obama-perhaps that will entice him to retire there.
    Ronan Farrow, Chris Hayes and Toure should be neither seen nor heard and by their ratings…………..

  • CLEmom

    They can have him…he and Michelle can be King and Queen of Kenya.
    Perfect for them…titles and perks, no actual work involved.

  • Snufy

    This is funny. Who cares what the people of Obama’s home country think? I have never heard of this goofy reporter. I needed a good chuckle, this morning.

  • The Oracle

    Why not fly to an ally nation instead and ask the same question, i.e., the State of Israel?

  • mauloa

    Do you think Ronan would stumble across proof of Obama’s birth in Kenya? If he did, I bet it would be destroyed and never heard of. Why would Ronan think any of us are interested in the African nation – we have the real thing – taking over our government.

  • frigu

    I hope Ronan doesn’t get Aids.

    • Me

      AIDS is a acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome the letters should be capitalized, genius.

      • frigu

        GFY is an acronym for Go Fvck Yourself, you AH, which is another acronym for A$$Hole and I made sure to capitalize the letters. By the way it was typing error I made and no one likes the to be corrected by a nasty Prik or Crunt ( more capitalized acronyms you should be able to figure out ).

  • Jim Hatter

    Don’t let the liberals know Kenyans love Obama and the Democrats. Prior to 2016 there will be ships trucking them into the polls in the US. They won’t need IDs, and after they vote they can become citizens, with free food stamps and welfare, oh and free Obamacare!!

  • KevinSTL

    MSNBC is to journalism what Justin Bieber is to music…

    • WBC

      That is an unwarranted insult to every spoiled drunken over-hyped under-talented sexually ambiguous punk singer in the Western Hemisphere.

      • KevinSTL

        You are absolutely correct and I offer my sincerest apologies to any pop singer who may have been offended by my unwarranted and unjustified remark.
        I should’ve said: MSNBC is to journalism what barack obama is to masculinity…

  • Walter Sobchak

    really sad when you have to fly thousands of miles to find support for this disaster of a “leader”

  • cabinboy422

    So how many years before journalists are awarded the Ronan Farrow Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalistic excellence? 5 years, or less?

  • Dutra

    I still can’t figure out Ronnan is an SNL star, a Disney character, or a Victoria Secret model.

  • amuncat

    The kid has had his fifteen minutes of fame…now go find papa! This is ridiculous! His headshot looks better than he does on TV…hope he doesn’t go far!

    • lyt

      papa’s dead.

  • Mark Kittering

    Nic Robertson out there looking around the world for the same thing…what a bunch of dooshbags (sp)

  • cabinboy422

    Just imagine if he had decided to follow his daddy’s footsteps and started a singing career? Would he have been awarded the Special Merit Award for lifetime achievements in music this year, or would they have waited until he actually released a single?

  • WBC

    Every hooker in Mombassa “emulates” Barry fifty times a night.

  • frigu

    Why? There is not enough black kock for Ronan to suk here?

  • res1944

    There are no words that can be printed to express my thoughts!

  • funky321

    If Barry was born in Hawaii why did he go to Kenya?

  • Gas_Passer


  • Rotohammer

    Kenyans might be the only ones who can legally vote for Barry.

  • sickofthebs

    Farrow is so LAME.

  • ramoncramon

    Isn’t there a nice part of Kenya?

  • Andrew Pensko

    if they love him so much…. please, please, please take him

  • paybysdso

    Farrow is LAME, what do you expect if your dad is Woody Allen.


    Look for a very large influx of poverty stricken, aids infected Kenyans coming in on the next State Department ship. They’ll be voting in 2016.

  • Dane Ironfoot

    Yes Ronan, all the hut-dwelling, peasant Kenyans seem to simply love Obama. “He helps the needy…”

  • portle44

    While the moron is in Kenya he should look up Obama’s brother in his mud hut.The guy lives on $30 a year so he might like to be included in the Maximum Leader’s Brother’s Keeper Program.Couldn’t hurt to ask.

  • RametinDallas

    What about his carbon footprint to do this trip. Doesn’t MSNBC believe all the claptrap about Man-Made Global Warming? Maybe the worship of Obama and all things left is more important than Polar Bears. Hypocrites.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Send him there. He’s screwed up his mother’s homeland. He can now SCREW UP his FATHER’s homeland.

  • FL_Stingray

    He’s checking villages to see which one is missing their idiot.

  • Mark

    So that’s what a fundamental transformation looks like in Kenya?
    Maybe Farrow Sinatra should try singing, its in the genes

  • CableNewsGuy

    Things look the same as they did when I watched Daktari.


    “Walter Cronkite Award?”…What’s that for?
    Who is the biggest liar in the media?
    Oh, those of us who served in the Viet Nam war haven’t forgotten about Cronkite’s nightly lie reporting, that we were losing the war…
    Quite the contrary, we NEVER lost a major battle in the Viet Nam war, not even the Tet offensive!
    In fact the NVA & VC were on their “heels” after Tet!
    But to hear Cronkite’s lies every night, we were LOSING THE WAR!
    The Viet Nam war was lost in America, thanks to the Liberal media, not in Viet Nam.
    Point, Game, Set, Match!
    Maybe MSNBC can pick up a copy of Obozo’s birth certificate while they’re in Kenya. BIG SMILE

  • e north

    From “Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” to this??? HA HA HA….. Once a community organizer always a community organizer. Obama will go down as the worst president ever.

    • Gas_Passer

      Big toothy Jimmy Carter knows that Obama now holds the title as the worst president ever.

  • KarlJBob

    So that’s where all those votes came from…

  • Gringo Bandit

    What a twit…..

  • Wolverine Gene

    Why didn’t someone warn me not to watch the video

  • barbara

    What a stupid article.

  • Seriously?

    He’s not FROM Kenya – but, when we need to find someone to love him we’ll go to. . . (wait for it). . . Kenya.

  • Tommy Williams

    Who’s Ronan Farrow?

  • disqus_LpicJRrFVL


  • tailgunner002

    I know longer know what’s smaller, the office of the president, or the president himself!

  • Wyatt Urp

    Hey Ronan, while you’re there, why don’t you see if they’ll dig up obama’s birth certificate. It’s no secret anymore that he was born there, not even when the obamabots still pretend he was born in Hawaii. We all know THEY even know he wasn’t born in Hawaii. The cover up is so bogus at this point people just laugh about it.

  • frigu

    Why did he to go to Kenya? Every program on MSNBC seems like it is broadcasting from Kenya anyway.

  • Just Thinking

    Bet that got pretty expensive with 97% of everyone in that country being quick to say “Barry was born just up the road” that they had to edit every interview to death. There must be a place where the remaining 27 people in our country must admit that they misunderstood “hope and change”.

  • eyesjamesq

    There’s re-runs of Gumby and Pokey on at the same time.

  • Johntexas

    Does this love fest for Ronan Fallow remind anyone of when BHO came on the scene?

    • Gas_Passer

      Was he popular trolling the gay bathhouse like Barry did?

      • Johntexas

        Not exactly what I was referring to…

  • MonicaLewinsky

    Did he find Barry’s brother-in-a-box ?

  • Gas_Passer

    I bet Obama’s Kenyan brother that lives in a mud hut would’ve been a better president of the United States.

  • eyesjamesq

    Ronan will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors to the crash site of Air America, a virtual Sheol, if you will.

  • SaveUsGod

    Are we sure Ronan isn’t in Kenya to find someone to watch HIS show?

  • lambchops

    Ronan got it wrong- no doubt by only interviewing Kenyan Democrat Party plants. Actually, Obama’s popularity is so low that most Kenyans are now claiming he was born in Hawaii.

  • SocialistPig

    If the Kenyans like Barack Obama, they can keep Barack Obama. Please…

  • Im’a Dufus

    That’s not Kenya, it’s Detroit…

  • Nordic Fella





  • roosterCrow4

    So the son of either a pedophile that married his own adopted daughter or more likely a mobster that could sing, is now having to troll the FΓΌhrer’s homeland to find support of his failed policies to shill to the public?!?


  • RobL_v2

    What… we don’t have enough illegal voters here in the US, liberals gotta go overseas to recruit some more??

    I’m sure Putin, China and the Mullahs will gladly donate some, the love American stupidity uh I mean liberalism…

  • middlechamber

    LOOSER! I don’t understand why MSNBC is still operating, who watches, same with CNN, & HLN

  • miker5

    A pilgrimage to the Place of Birth. How quaint!

  • John Whalen

    Maybe Ronan will stay in Kenya while he’s at it.

  • PeterM

    Of course support for Obama runs high in Kenya, he’s a native son.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzxxxx

    Obama wants to fundamentally change America, Ronan gave us glimpse of what that change will look like. Thank you MSNBC.

  • jadams76

    What not save the money and interview everyone at NBC News? Same result.

  • fitzzz

    All very odd I must say
    Was Ronan on Clinton payroll, when the stories about Obama being born in Kenya
    were leaked to the press?
    Why would he go there?
    Did he speak to Obama’s brother who lives in a hut ?

  • bggatbdl

    I though this was an article in the Onion for a minute.

  • Public_Man

    Did Farrow really say “there’s always one place he [Obama] can call home” referring to Kenya? Wow.

    • dv Vaughn

      he also said his home.

  • Kara

    Kenya can have him back.

  • Molto Lava

    What a douche bag!!

    Those people don’t even have tv’s They have no idea what Obama is doing , who Ronan is ,, or what in the world MSNBC is……they probably think it’s a western disease of the mind.

    and it is.

  • caligula

    of course they edited the scene that shows the hut he was born in, right? πŸ˜‰

  • Scarpia

    Maybe Ronan will find that nobama WAS born in Kenya!!!!

  • Fred Garvin

    Please take your loser son back ! America is home of the free, not incompetent, socialist FTARDS. That’s about any nation in Africa !

  • timmy2001

    Obviously time for a second Walter Cronkite award- that’s hard hitting news!

  • DownTheLine

    Good grief. It’s not even surprising to me anymore. The “big 3” networks “newspeople” have become so utterly uninteresting and so desperate to pander to the uber-liberal crowd it’s not even worth taking seriously. This guy got a Walter Cronkite award. It’s like giving Justin Beiber a lifetime achievement award.

  • stacie1

    Has to go all the way to Afrika to find idiots to fawn over him…

  • caligula

    i see the headline, but why are they using video from chicago and detroit? πŸ˜‰

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    If Ronan looks hard enough, maybe he can find Baracka’s birth certificate or the hut where he was raised….

  • Leon Davis

    There’s a town in Kenya, I’ve forgotten the name, that has signs all over saying it’s the birthplace of Obama. Have a few hundred people with the Obama last name there. It will eventually all come out after the guy is out of office and there’s no further reason to perpetuate the lie.

    • dariggy

      The truth will come out that there is a town in Kenya that has signs all over saying it’s the birthplace of Obama?

      • Leon Davis

        I remember seeing it on Google Images so I went back and looked for it just now but it was gone. There were signs that said, “Welcome to the Birthplace of Barack Obama”. If memory serves, it was a town called “Kogello” or Korgella” or something like that. But apparently they’ve removed the offending images. Michelle said Obama was born in Kenya but had to offer a correction. Several news outlets also reported Obama was born in Kenya but issued retractions later. Apparently Obama’s university records, which are sealed as tight as a drum, show him as a student from Kenya. I’m just saying that after the guy is out of office, when he can no longer use the NSA and the IRS to punish people, maybe we’ll get the real story. And then again, maybe not. Personally, I think he’s from the Planet Zorg, but that’s just me. He’s certainly no American, that’s for danged sure.

  • Belmontian201

    Will they interview Obama’s half-brother…in his tin hut? I’ll say no way. Mister crazy-blue-eyes can’t suck enough…perfect MSNBC “journalist.”

  • Prouldliberal

    Thanks for my laugh of the day.

  • scoggin

    He undoubtedly was carrying thousands of absentee ballots with him.

  • formidabill

    I’m still waiting for the hourly death counts…

  • Tahrie Stuhl

    The inability to use violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior leaves one unable to comment on this article. Sigh.

  • Lummi

    Questions…..what’s a Ronan Farrow? What are they used for?

  • formidabill

    lib cartoon caricature of their ideal president… amazing that some people still take him seriously…

  • Putintaine

    If that’s what he’s looking for, Ronan would get even more positive responses in North Korea asking people what they think of Kim Jong-un.

  • Bonita Coffee

    This matters because he is Kenya’s favorite son. It proves anyone can be born in a poverty stricken country and become president of the united states. Did he interview any possible future candidates for the job?

  • frigu

    I hope this little flute player from the MSNBC band brought along that rugged mans man, Ray Maddow for protection.

  • vetteman2010

    He probably has a stack of voter registration forms with him as well.

  • jcam

    I wonder if they are also Woody Allen fans.

  • organicroseski2

    I bet some of his fan base in Kenya somehow thought a U.S. American President with roots in their land would help their county. Did not work out that way.

  • Mark Wheeler

    Pathetic desperation for viewers! NBC cancel this rubbish already!

  • williampenn

    Obama should mandate the country of his birth as our 58th state.

    • nocoteabagger

      He has a pen, he can make that happen.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    Getting your news from CBS,CNN, MSNBC or NPR is like watching Hogan’s Hero’s to learn about the Holocaust.

  • b. henschel

    He will find much support there for Barry. Those are his people, and his heritage. “Not God bless America, God d…..”

  • orlandorays

    Wanna bet he didn’t go looking for Obama’s half-brother?

  • Flayer

    Well then perhaps Kenya can take him back and let him run their country. Kenya is pretty much already in shambles so he couldn’t do more harm, although I’m sure he will find the one or two functioning parts of their country and figure out a way to spoil them. First he’d have to prove that he was born there…lol.

  • jjr5268

    Now that is the comedy news for the day.

  • Curmudgeon10

    I thought he was on a quest to find viewers.

  • Chris

    The White House

    Office of the Press Secretary

    For Immediate Release

    June 27, 2013

    FACT SHEET: U.S. Support for Strengthening Democratic
    Institutions, Rule of Law, and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The United States strongly supports
    the great strides many African countries have made to ensure good governance,
    rule of law, and respect for human rights. We commend the progress they
    have made to broaden political participation and improve governance, and will
    remain a steady partner as they continue to work to strengthen electoral
    processes, ensure transparency and accountability in government, and provide
    security while respecting and protecting universal rights and fundamental

    In addition to our ongoing diplomacy
    and our efforts in multilateral institutions, in 2012 the United States –
    through the U.S. Department of State and the United States Agency for
    International Development (USAID) – provided more than $292 million in support
    for these efforts, including in the following priority areas:

    Supporting Civil Society and
    Independent Media

    Civil society and independent media
    play a critical role in any vibrant democracy. Across sub-Saharan Africa,
    the United States supports efforts to ensure civil society organizations and
    independent media can organize, advocate, and raise awareness with governments
    and the private sector to improve political processes, transparency, and
    government performance. Examples include:

    In Kenya, the
    $53 million Yes Youth Can program
    empowers nearly one million Kenyan youth to use their voices for advocacy
    in national and local policy-making, while also creating economic
    opportunities. In
    advance of Kenya’s March 2013 general elections, Yes Youth Can’s β€œMy ID My
    Life” campaign helped 500,000 youth obtain National identification cards,
    a prerequisite to voter registration, and carried out a successful
    nationwide campaign with Kenyan civic organizations to elicit peace
    pledges from all presidential aspirants.

    • Americans Wake Up

      “advance of Kenya’s March 2013 general elections, Yes Youth Can’s β€œMy ID My
      Life” campaign helped 500,000 youth obtain National identification cards,
      a prerequisite to voter registration,”
      Obama and Holder better get on this!!! You can’t ask someone for an ID to vote! It’s unconstitutional.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    If they ever pull the DNC schlong out of his mouth, he’ll die. Pulled off of life support, he’ll dry up and blow away.

  • nocoteabagger

    When does the voter registration drive begin in Kenya?

  • Commentary Cat

    Another rich white guy in Africa to do….just what exactly

  • Wallmantx

    He went there to sign up new Dumboscat voters. Since states are updating their voter rolls to delete the dead people, They have to find them in other countries and give the dead people amnesty. Hopefully when they emigrate here, they bring their own coffins so we don’t have to subsidize new coffins like Obama phones.

  • gmbith

    Of course they support him. He’s from one of the small villages there, right?

  • donniea

    Can you imagine what obama poll numbers would be if the press treated him like they treated George Bush.

  • Karen L

    Thank you so much for this article, I was feeling down in the dumps this morning, sick of winter, etc. but this is so ridiculous and funny, I’m in a better mood!!

  • Mick

    he can stay with barry “curious george” obama’s brother in the mud hut

  • ChasStevenson

    Yes. In Tanzania, just south of Kenya, people also love him. In Dar es Salaam (on Bagamoyo Road, just north of Africana Bus stop) there is a barbershop with an almost billboard sized picture of Obama with a nice haircut.

    People like him. Tanzanians are socialist, but I don’t think they know Obama’s politics one way or other.
    They just like him because they see him as from Kenya.

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    Ooooo! Lisping Americans being showcased all over the globe!
    The ‘presidential’ agenda to humiliate a former superpower continues….

  • another_engineer

    One way ticket I hope

  • another_engineer

    Do they have bath houses in Kenya for Ronan ?

  • DUbangee Urmomma

    BOTH of them SHARE SONNY and BO in the WEST WONG—-RUFF


    of course he will NOT ask someone in Kenya where they think obama was born. He already knows what they’ll say and then he couldn’t report it.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    Why I vote Democrat

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if our federal government borrows $85 Billion every single month.

    I vote Democrat because I care about the children … but saddling them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay for my bloated leftist government is okay.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil, because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal activist judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

    I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.

    I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted, so long as we keep all of the murderers on death row alive.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if my Nobel Peace Prize winning President uses drones to assassinate people, as long as we don’t use torture.

    I vote Democrat because I believe people, who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt.

    I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended.

    I vote Democrat because I believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t obscene.

    I vote Democrat because I believe a moment of silent prayer at the beginning of the school day constitutes government indoctrination and an intrusion on parental authority ….. but sex education, condom distribution and multiculturalism are all values-neutral.

    I vote Democrat because I agonize over threats to the natural environment from CO2, acid rain and toxic waste ….. but I am totally oblivious of the threats to our social environment from pornography, promiscuity and family dissolution.

    I vote Democrat because I believe lazy, uneducated stoners should have just as big a say in running our country as entrepreneurs who risk everything and work 70 hours per week.

    I vote Democrat because I don’t like guns ….. so no one else should be allowed to own one.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between welfare and the rise of illegitimacy.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between judicial leniency and surging crime rates.

    I vote Democrat because I believe you don’t need an ID to vote but you do to buy beer.

    I vote Democrat because I believe marriage is obsolete, except for homosexuals.

    I vote Democrat because I think AIDS is spread by insufficient funding.

    I vote Democrat because I think “fairness” is far more important than freedom.

    I vote Democrat because I think an “equal outcome” is far more important than equal opportunity.

    I vote democrat because I would rather hide in a class room while others fight for my freedom.

    I vote democrat because I’m not smart enough to own a gun and I need someone else to protect me.

    I vote democrat because I would rather have free stuff than freedom.

    And lastly, I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that government programs are the solution to the human condition, NOT freedom…

  • Lee Stowell

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we see the Barry Soetero running for president of Kenya.

  • gsud1

    It’s fake. Looks like Detroit to me.

  • tmilbourne

    RonanFarrow is a halfwit. Period.

  • lark2

    I am way beyond blaming MSNBC …. it’s us, the American electorate … we are changing the country and I hope we end up in a better place. Our system of “public education” and our silence resulted in O’s election and re-election. The idiots apparently rule.

  • JCRocks

    Better question would be: how do the people in Crimea feel about him? Or what about the rest of the Ukraine or Venezuela or even England, Germany or France? Asking people in Kenya? That just reeks of desperation.

    • gsud1

      or Nebraska

  • S Davis

    Your 1000 year Reich is over in 8 years, the Russians are at your door and your hiding in your little bunker with Eva ….

  • sandnomad

    Maybe Ronan should ask Angela Merkel and other EU members what they think about Obama. At least the EU has some relevance. Asking Kenyans what they think about Obama is kinda like asking Bill Clinton what he thinks about women; you know the answer before you even ask the question. So, why bother?

  • BlackJack Charles

    Well, this is the shittiest website I’ve seen this week. Should rename it “Daily Inanity”.

    • dove1

      Got plenty of time on your hands now that you can pursue your passion? Well, thanks for not breaking into my house or polar bear hunting my wife…Happy Easter!

    • Mac Boy

      Here’s a thought – FOAD!

  • ErnieMcCracken

    Which of those two pictured is more likely to get the AIDS? Trick question! They both will!

    • BlackJack Charles

      You are an ignorant scab.

      • Mac Boy

        Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
        the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

  • Sojourner Truth

    I guess it’s best to give awards to people before they reveal themselves to be inept ignoramuses.

    • BlackJack Charles

      Like Sean Hannity, you mean?

      • Walter Bellhaven

        pull up your pants .. we don’t want to see your boxers

  • NoParty

    I always wondeded why no one went to Kenya to see if Obama’s ancestors were or were not involved in the slave trade. Even though Black Africans had been trading their brethern into slavery, since before the time of Christ, it never occured to the msm to check. Kenya didn’t have a healthy slave trade until the 19th Century, but they got into the act big time. I would have thought some interested journalist would have wanted to either rule out the family as slavers, or state that they were. No one, to my knowledge, looked into Obama’s ancestors. My guess is Farrow would not even report it if someone walked up to him and gave him proof. Who funded this silly, time wasting, trip for a report no one cares about? Good stuff, kid, no wonder Farrow got the Walter Cronkite award.

  • John Schilling

    Farrow is the advance team to scout out Zero’s retirement home once his term is over and he finally drops the big bomb that, yes, indeed, he truly was born in Kenya, and is now going home to relax and laugh at his trail of destruction in the U.S. which was stupid enough to accept him as a foreign student in the first place.

  • VictorLandry

    This is only relevant if Obama was born in Kenya. Otherwise, they could have asked the same of Saudis and it would have meant the same.

  • LC

    When you run out of options in the US….

    Sad. And this kid is supposed to be the next star? Hopefully not in my lifetime (unless he matures and develops some sense. Some of them do, but hanging around with MSNBC people isn’t going to help him grow up at all.

  • Andy McWilliams

    Did they find his birthplace monument?

  • Beedogs

    With Present-dent Bumbling Barry Oblamer’s record of failures, lies, and scandals, now even Kenyans deny he was born there.

  • DockyWocky

    Someday, Barack will get his face chiseled into a Kenyan mountain.
    At least, I hope he does, because he sure as hell deserves it as a Kenyan native son.

  • joe_bob_gonzales

    pathetic. poor little kid. one has to feel sorry for this idiot. the thing is, he probably does not even realize how sad it is.

  • Bob Howell

    What in hell does Kenya have to do with American politics?

    • gail2011

      Oh. Just that Kenya had redistributed the wealth. Look at the picture of the kenyian. Don’t they live in style. That’s what REDISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH LOOKS LIKE!

  • Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

    Why Kenya?

  • Walter Bellhaven

    it’s actually a dual mission for Ronan .. he’s also there to hand out absentee ballots

  • hawaii007

    So we know where Obama will move to and run for President. God help them.

  • Henry L

    I wonder if Kenya is going to take part in our next election.

    • Jim1937

      Why not one got elected here twice.

      • Henry L

        Well, he really did not get elected, did he? He got corrupted into the white house. And stupid America doesn’t know what to do about it.

  • cherokeeman

    Just proves there are sheep in Kenya.

  • Me

    Love the shacks in back of the old guy in the photo. Of course they are fans of Obama. LOL

  • mark

    Of course they love Obama, he’s half Kenyan and the prez of the US. the way they see it, all they need to do is find an American communist have a love affair and poof you’re a parent of a future prez of the USA. That is one hell of a way out of that mud huts. Unless you’re a sibling of course….

  • JonathanDunbar

    I don’t watch liberal programming so I don’t know who this socialist/marxist is. I do know who Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Ken Hamblin, and Sean Hannity is, to name a few…

  • Walter Bellhaven

    Ronan is doing some location-scouting for the future home of Barry’s ‘presidential’ library

  • JonathanDunbar

    You can fool some of the people some of the time; you can fool most of the people most of the time; but Obama you can’t fool [ALL] of the people [ALL] of the time!

  • daffusjay

    Thanks Ronan, for this piece of worthless crap. A waist of money, to determine useless information. Ronan, think maybe you would like to move their and stay, so you can run the Obama Library when built. These people, of all people, more than anyone else, needs a Democrat Library. It would also create lots of tourism from the American backers. JUST SAYING.

  • mcgdesign

    People in Kenya claim that our president was born there. I’d like to see an interview with them, just for fun of course. We all know that there is absolutely nothing odd about his birth certificate, or his SS number, or his draft registration materials, or his college transcripts… Oops, I forgot. Those are sealed.

  • redheart


  • d_bully

    so now they are trying to get africants to vote, good job democraps.

  • sgtshel

    What for? To see if they donated to his campaign? Or voted for him? Be careful—you might find some more of Obama’s loving family members!

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    He should travel to Nigeria to locate fans of Ronan Farrow. I hear President Goodluck Jonathan is a big Ronan fan.

  • ocnewswatcher

    I would watch if he would interview B Howard πŸ˜‰

  • Breezeyguy

    Of course the love him. Doesn’t his cousin run the place or something like that. What was his name…? Odinga or something. Remember when Barry campaigned for him?

  • Chetty1

    Another brain altered lib from Hollywood!!!

    Want a laugh?? There are still weirdo’s around my area in CA that have “Obama 2012” stickers on their cars!!!

  • Gunny G Alz

    Wow, the libtards are spinning like a top! I hope Ronan ends up in one of the cannibal’s soup pot! I heard that Liberals taste like chicken!

  • gail2011

    Yeah take a good look at the landscape behind the Kenyian. Povetyy no hope, despair. Yep! You got to just love the socialist/communist liberal leftist economy in Kenya. One persons more poor then the next. That’s what Mexico, centrai America, South America & Africa looks like after the DEMONIC LIBERAL LEFTIST SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST DICTATORS REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH. Really helping t he poor?

  • Major Kalhoun

    Pretty sad when you have to go to Kenya for ratings.

  • gonaes

    I remember NBC News that Americans tuned in every night for the Huntley-Brinkley Report. Then NBC News had prestige. People believed in NBC TV news. What happened to that network?

    • Major Kalhoun

      Marxist liberals.

  • dupkaman

    Perhaps he will interview the half brother who isn’t too enthused about his famous sibling.

    • Jim Wolfson

      Or the half-father who molested his half-sister.

      • dupkaman

        What? I didn’t hear about this incident….could you expand?

  • Griz

    You’ve got to believe that old time Democrats like Reid and others are fed up with the ‘higher powers’ that are really running the Democrat party. The ‘this guy has been chosen’ mentality has got to grate on them more than we could ever guess. Someone will be awarded the “rising star award”, same as Barry. You started hearing this about him just as he was being elected to State office. Sooner or later some of the old rank and file (emphasis on rank) Dems are going to break ranks and rat out the Soros of the world and shed more light on how things are really done in the murky shadows of the Democrat Politburo.

  • Brian washere

    The genius of MSNBC

  • Jim Wolfson

    Time to hit the Dollar Store to dig out another Cronkite Award for Little Miss Farrow.

  • Last American Standing

    I’m looking at the background when these ppl are saying they love Obama, are you guys sure that isn’t Detroit?

  • Fritz Von

    His birth place, transcripts and racial composition are unimportant. The important thing is that he is a well trained enemy within, supported by a a huge propaganda ministry.

  • TheChairman

    More proof he is Kenyan… notice his ENTIRE extended family is in Kenya, not Hawaii or Indonesia.

  • Steve Dietrich
  • Manrice

    Oh yes, Comrade Obama, him big ju-ju here in Kenya. I want to name my little goat Obama, but I plan to eat him soon, so it would be bad ju-ju. If I had girl goat, I might name her Mrs. Obama, because everyone here love that girl. I trying to raise money to travel USA and visit Obama house.

  • Maubi

    Now why would they go all the way to Kenya to find people who like obama, unless it is in fact his hometown. Get that traitor out of our White House.

  • seemorejustice

    Ask Obama’s brother who still lives in a hut?

  • FlyTyer2

    I certainly wish that Obama would move back to his homeland and rule the Kenyans. Then I wonder what they would think of him. I’m quite positive his popularity in the US would sky-rocket if he would go home.

  • JoeNJ8

    Who’s stupid, crazy idea was this?

  • barbara

    He’s an idiot.

  • Maubi

    Hell take his whole damn entourage back to his homeland on a one way ticket no return policy.

  • RealityCheck

    This is delicious. And it’s about time for things to begin to show signs of intelligent thought process here in our poor, damaged country. Florida’s election this week is very encouraging.

  • san rafael blue

    Do the Kenyans sit around waiting to hear what Californians in American think of their Kenyan Government model and employment opportunities? Have they invited Sandra Fluke to Kenya to speak about the right to birth control for every woman? Invite her to Africa for some Goat Head Soup. Oh, and it’s OK if you keep her there.

    • Defiant

      Nope! But, in fairness…they don’t have TVs, do they!?

  • JoeNJ8

    Maybe MSNBC should ask BO, when is going to write “Dreams of My Mother”,
    or “Dreams of My Mother’s Father”?

    • Defiant

      Or dreams of my baby-daddy…

  • Experienced Patriot

    Why, can’t he find anyone here in his own country anymore?

  • Richy Pope

    Just another attempt to distract voters. Keep your eyes on the ball and vote these progressive pricks out!

    • Defiant

      Is anyone else just becoming MORE and MORE amused by the label “progressives” being used to describe the Libs!? HILARIOUS!

  • sreggie

    It’s not just a lack of journalistic skills, it’s totally devoid of any content. And Ronan has no on-screen personality. This looks like a high school news show, with my apologies to high school news shows.

  • DownTheLine

    This is so dumb and desperate it’s hard to know what to say about it. The “big 3” networks, including some of the cable ones, are not viable sources of honest information. Once the media is in someone’s pocket, we’re all in serious trouble.

  • Vidkun Lauritz JonssΓΈn

    He better watch out. Some African Woody Allen fan might be mad that he dissed his ‘dad’ and eat him.

  • Defiant

    PRICELESS! They’d better not accidentally interview anyone in his family! If they weren’t already, they’re all Republicans NOW! LMFAO!

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I just want to know one thing, why didn’t he take Barry with him an leave him there…

  • Defiant

    Remember how much fun they all had mocking BUSH!? ROFLMAO!! The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they DO turn…

  • Jim Cooper

    Can we trade for him?

  • Paul Roth

    Ah-skakakakakakakh. Just when you think msnbc can’t sink to a new low, ta-da…. πŸ™‚

  • ron44

    In to the toilet and flushed permanently one would hope happened MSNBC and NBC also..the progressives are destroying the main stream media.

  • susandanielspi

    Can he pick up Obama’s birth certificate while he is there?

  • survivor33

    While he is there, have him campaign for Ovomit to be president in Africa. If they all love him, that would be a good place for him to become ‘KING’. and we could be rid of him forever (hopefully).

  • Wingedgodd3ss

    I’m trying to figure out who the hell cares what Kenya thinks about our president… Ever.

  • AZTom

    Back to “Barack’s home country”, right Michelle?

  • HusseinInTheMembrane

    haha, and the 1st guy in vid was person who delivered little ole Hussein!

  • KC614


  • Ldedwards

    Yeah, the emulate the doofus because he’s a Kenyan. Please claim your village idiot!

  • dimitri

    out there home hunting…it’s going to be hard finding just the right hut for the moose…though, the dirt floors should feel comfy. maybe ronan ‘the barb arian’ can leave them some of that global warming money, cause the Obama’s are typical, they don’t like to pay for anything out of their own pocket.

  • nomercy55

    can he find out what hospital he was born in..!! or was it a hut..!!

  • Cahal the Madβ„’

    (Facepalm) How pathetic. Why don’t you go visit the hut where Obama was born? Maybe you’ll find some supporters in that village.

  • craig

    Did you notice the wonder living conditions in the background? That why their support for Obama is so important, he told them that the USA and Kenya will be equals.

  • rjm2238

    Maybe all of MSNBC could go to Kenya permanently. Perhaps they could find an audiance there, among the Obama lovers. It would no doubt be larger than it is in this country.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • MariansMusings

    Looks like Farrow caught a late train that is going nowhere but downhill. He has hitched his wagon to a fizzling star. His fearless leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace-less Prize has long believed he could fool all the people all the time. If you remove the black population from Obama’s latest approval numbers, there are only about 25% of non-blacks that approve of what he is doing. Remove those on food stamps, etc, what is left? MusingsbyMarian do tc om

    • Mike_E_V

      A fizzling star eventually creates a black hole but I’m sure that will be changed eventually. Too racist in name.

      • MariansMusings

        Thanks Mike. Would be so funny if not so true.

  • Mike_E_V

    Its like when a criminal is captured. The media goes to his old neighborhood and asks people there what he was like. Same format, different person. I can’t wait for the moment they discover some guy who grew up with Barry and tells his story on live TV.

  • mrbp

    When will they cancel MSNBC????? It is only watched by 3 or 4 people. “Nothing to see here.”
    This kid is a complete joke and should be comitted to a nut house somewhere or maybe a dycare center for todlers.

  • anon ymous

    I wish Obama was the president of Kenya.

  • James Morrison

    I recall that back in 2008 that Kenya quietly cancelled a planned celebration over one of their native sons becoming president of the U.S. I saw the piece on TV back then. People who were interviewed claimed “Everyone in Kenya knows where Barack Obama was born.” and that was as far as it went. Early editions of his first book list his place of birth as Kenya, and I’ve seen video of his wife speaking, recanting the tale of visiting Kenya with him, “where he was born”.

  • Chris Clark

    I’ve got a story idea for Ronan. Why doesn’t he do a search for who his own dad is. Woody Allen? Frank Sinatra? Nyang’oma Kogelo?

  • billmelater1

    If they love him sooooo much let send him there permanently.

  • minowe

    As long as he made the trip over there, you’d have thought he’d have hunted up Obama’s brother, George Hussein Obama and asked George if he likes Barack. Now THAT would be interesting.

  • Jiggs D

    Maybe MSNBC should stay in Kenya!!!!!
    LOL,what a joke we have for a President and the Liberal media just keeps lying for him!

  • Chassit

    Pathetic, just pathetic.

  • putupjob

    what’s he going to do? bring a pile of kenyans back to vote?

  • Gary Ketterman

    Obama said he is the son of a goat herder. Ronan is supposed to be the son of Woody Allen. Man, the first liar doesn’t have a chance around here.

  • David

    It takes a village to raise a village idiot!

  • sanity_in_florida

    LOL!!! Can’t find any supporters in the USA, huh?

  • Old_Gringo

    I am speechless. This is too funny for words.

  • WolfNippleChips

    Just go to Oakland. Oakland … Kenya… what’s the difference between both turd-world cesspools.

    • MonicaLewinsky

      Yeah same sh!t, different toilet.

  • jmac67

    Kind of like the Kennedy’s going back to Ireland. We should be so lucky with all of them LOL.

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    Well let’s see if he can come up with a birth certificate, his fathers (or so called father) birth and all other relationships

  • bluewater113

    Do you think Ole Blue Eyes would be proud?

  • Beiletti

    Typical left wing MSNBC. The Obamination cheering section.

  • gommygoomy

    Here’s hoping he ends up in the same Cooking Pot that Rockefeller’s Kid ended up in, when he went to New Guinea.

  • cecil91

    Rumor has it that Barry and Ronan have rented a shack on stilts over a swamp just outside Nairobi. They plan on feeling each other out on the wonders of nature and whether bush meat is a delicacy.

  • Alan Beasley-LegacyofSuccess

    To get the job, I heard he had to tape himself calling people the N word and insulting women, seniors, and those with alternative lifestyles.
    He did – and they hired him on the spot!

  • olecap

    Farrow, Maddow, Mathews…what’s really pathetic, really frightening, is that all these MSNBC’ers want everyone to validate their mis-guided missives. Farrow’s too wet behind the ears, but the other two bristle when a valid challenge to their blathering rants is laid before them…SOMEBODY, however, is the viewing audience, or this network makes so much off their advertising that they can afford to put chimpanzees on reading Shakespeare 7 days a week…

  • warman

    Did they give him the peace prize too?

  • muckfexico2

    Does Farrow want to bring back illegals that can vote for their kin folk?

  • Dirk Digler

    Whose dwindling poll numbers? Farrow’s or Obama’s?

    The Walter Cronkite Award of Excellence in Journalism winner searches for anyone who still supports the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

    One can’t blame poor Ronan for fearing what he’s come to realize may be his future…

  • agreatsign

    Maybe Barry can seek exile there once he finally wears out his welcome here and even his die hard fans admit that he’s a failure.

  • Lucky Stiff

    What do you expect from hometown fans?! (If I’m not mistaken, I think I spotted a birth certificate on one of those background trash heaps……..or am I just seeing things?)

  • VanceJ

    Desperate aren’t they. trying to be relevant, LOL wont make it.

  • Kimcalaho

    I needed a laugh today and this one qualified.

  • Dave Dk Kelly

    You have to go to Kenya to find ANYONE that still likes this FRAUD!!!

  • The_Frog_Prince

    I’ll buy Obama a one way ticket to Kenya tomorrow. Would today be better?

  • zzx375

    The Walter Chronic Award winner – woohoo! But Farrow is so great on Twitter…or so I have read. Tell me why I should care what someone in Kenya thinks about Barak Obama.

  • Shecky Vasques

    Kenya??? Yes We Can!!!

  • chamuiel

    You have got to be kidding. This is a joke, right?

  • Nancy

    Who made Ronan Farrow a somebody? The liberal media did. He is a no nothing nobody..let him stay in Kenya.

  • GuateNY

    Kenya…a place he can always call home? Is Ronan suggesting Obama is from kenya?

  • FrankHerbert

    Kenya must be that 57th State the Presidunce was talking about way back on the ol’ campaign trail

  • SmartDoctor

    Maybe they will find the birth certificate.

  • Samurai_Sam

    I think it’s great that the Kenyan brothers all love him so much, and I think he should go back there. Not sure if Ronan got to interview Obama’s brother who doesn’t hold him in such high esteem. Judging from the slums this kid was slithering around in I’m sure the people living there have a great deal of insight into the genius of the man.

    I guess if the Kenyans say he’s great we here in the United States need to get onboard the adoration band wagon after all what does the American taxpayer know when compared to a Kenyon slum dweller. This is probably the first president in history that has had to go overseas in order to find someone that approves of him. That ought to tell you something! Did they all get free Obama phones for the interview.

  • Tom Twoma

    He is there registering voters.

  • disqus_6z6JUiFv94

    Breaking news: he still sucks!

  • Chasseur

    Wow. Whop paid for the trip to Kenya? I doubt MSNBC has the money. And were’nt we told to totally ignore the Holy O’s connection to Kenya? I mean….I’m no birther or anything but c’mon! which is it?

    As for Ronan Pajama Boy Farrow. . .Clearly he’s auditioning for his new job. . .White House Spokes Kid. Carney is getting a bit long in the tooth.

  • Denbo

    Hey Kenya… if you love your Barack Obama… you can keep your Barack Obama.

  • janchup

    So smart and such a wet-behind-the-ears idiot.

  • BSWatch

    Did you notice the “Hut Sweet Hut”….the guy in the picture lives in….

    • Fleendar the magnificent

      That isn’t even a hut. That is a *shack*.

  • PrincessBarry

    Visiting Bammy’s birthplace. Sad.

  • Kate Upton

    How about asking around to see who all saw Obama’s birth there?

  • orangetiger49

    First answer my suspicion with a yes or no. Isn’t he a kiddie of Mia Farrow? Now this is simply sad that this is being put out there that Kenya loves Barack so much. My simple solution to this is that if he is so loved by Kenyans then by all means Barack go back to your homeland and stay you will be so loved and well taken care of. Who knows maybe you will be given the title of King. But please do not come back cause you were not sent for and you are not needed in any way. We will be fine here. Goodbye

  • Vicki Jo Jonz

    …and, of course, NONE of the negative interviews will be shown…wonder why? Also, why Kenya? sounds racist to me and so desterate, but then,we’re discussing it and that’s what the want…another obuma diversion….and the list goes on and on until we snap out of it….are we as stupid as they think we are…really???????

  • squeak

    MSNBC have a bunch of NUT JOBS working there… what did he learn on his trip to Kenya was absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING of substance, a man sang a stupid song… some people said they love Obama … . this all was a joke, right ? Well, I had a good laugh… what a waste of time & money… Where is your useless trip at next time MSNBC ? LOL !

    • Mac Boy

      .. They should send him/her to look for the missing Jet ……………

  • JonathanDunbar

    Obama’s very existence will guarantee that for the remainder of the Republic, not black man will ever ever be president of the United States again…

    • WesMantooth

      “Diversity” is code for White Genocide.

  • mr mann

    The Obummer administration…….the epidemy of douche-baggery!

  • johnsmith500



    Thanks MSNBC r3t@rds. I needed a laugh.

  • matt

    I’m going to comment this on every story I see about this kid until he loses his show: Who’s Ronan Farrow?

  • rocky63

    Let’s see, the Left says Obama was born in Hawaii — he’s not Kenyan. But the Left’s mouthpiece, MSNBC, goes to Kenya to find people who like Obama. Why did they pick Kenya and not Nigeria, or Lebanon, or Liberia, or Bolivia, or New Zealand?

    Oh, I know — because they, too, know he was born in Kenya and figured people there would, therefore, want him associated with their country. (A poor choice on their part!)

    • slafrent .

      His paternal grandma says that she was present at Barry’s birth and she has never ever been out of Kenya. The left says she’s mistaken – but grandma knows best!

  • slafrent .

    Kenya has cable TV?

  • JM40

    obozo sycophants are getting hard to find here … let’s search the homeland to see if we can find someone there to slobber over the messiah

  • Jackie Owens

    He also interviewed a guy that said Obama is FROM Kenya.,

  • Jackie Owens
  • Erik Thompson

    “…and just think, they don’t even have Obamacare over there yet”. LOL!

  • Bridget

    Do these people have no shame!

  • WesMantooth

    Self-hating White-Guilters are a cancer on the White community.

    • JM40

      that describes white libs with one edit … they hate this country at least as much as themselves

  • Mynickelsworth

    Never heard of One, knew one was on the map, and have heard about the third but find it hard to believe he realy IS.

  • SevenofNine

    I would personally contribute for a set of one way tickets to send the usurper and his Queen of welfare queens wife back asap…

  • Raymond Smith

    What a pack of f*******g losers. Of course they’ll find fans there. That’s where he was born.

    • Mac Boy

      . Maybe they’ll find his R E A L Birth certificate !!! ……………

  • buyitcheap

    A Nobody, goes nowhere, talks to nobodies..and gets…. no ratings.

  • Miguel526

    We see the dedicated haters of MSNBC are sending their newest girl-boy to Kenya in an attempt to gain more mileage from their latest neo-oligarchic/girlish would-be hero.

    • Fred

      No…MSNBC is sending their new wonder kid all by themselves. Did you read the article?

  • atkoa

    Where do I start? Because he MIGHT be Frank Sinatras son, it means he has talent, Frank Jr. is Sinatras son, and he has no talent. An with DNA testing why the mystery? Desperate liberals. And Mia Farrow acting coy, GMAB. Is he on a quest to find Obamas birthplace?

  • bezane

    They chased Dinesh out by threat and force. And this blue-eyed devil gets the red carpet. I guess it’s all about the journalism, right?

  • Teo Bear

    Maybe Ronan will not grow up and be a pedophile like his worthless sire, Woodie Allen.

  • evelyncm

    I am not surprised that they like Oblamo, he was born there! They are a bunch of ignorant natives who just don’t understand the United States and what it was before Oblamo became president. You see I call him Oblamo because he always blames Bush for everything. I KNOW what this country used to be before the disaster of Oblamo’s inauguration, and I weep for what has been done to it. I can only pray that the damage can be undone when we get rid of this disaster.

  • runing


  • M. Fazio

    Let’s ask Kenya if they are willing to take the Chimp back home and have his Library there too!

    I have a great idea for his Library, the Sewer Plant in Hawaii! I hear it has a lot of space and the smell is just right for it too!

  • Dmac73

    What a panicky way to try to build ratings. They are running scared. Would be nice if he was there on a real fact finding mission instead of a promotional stunt.

  • agreatamerican

    Yes Barry they want you home. They miss you.

  • 1Bobby8

    It’s because they don’t have Obamacare that they still love him in Kenya.

  • Kadie

    We obviously deserve our embarrassment. A country has to work hard to destroy an educated citizenry in less than a century.

  • PrescottRuss

    HUH . . ROFLMAO. Wow a VERY seasoned journalist… 3 Hours on air.. Cronkite Award. Anyone out there ever see Walter Cronkite on the air. This kid is nothing compared to him..

  • Danx35

    The democrats are beyond pathetic now.

  • ocdetf

    Good grief!

  • 1POdCitizen

    One sees nothing but a pathetic bunch of delusional frauds, wherever this incompetent “president” and the stupid sheeple who voted for him are found.

  • nampilot68


  • william g munson

    If we could change the law to let him run then we could steal the election like we did the two times before and other elections we have stole

  • apollodr

    Do me a favor. Interview Obama’s grandmother who according to her was present during Barry’s birth.

  • maodeedee

    In Kenya everyone would like to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.
    “A dipsh!t like him could not be a Kenyan!” -one man said.

  • Guest

    Here is an example of … several things.
    – Why MSNBC is failing… because of they inexperienced biased pawns on as news journalists.
    – The networks unbalanced approach to reporting
    – The networks absolute allegiance to Barrack Obama
    – Their need to find some way to say Obama is great

  • David Morris

    Here is an example of … several things.
    – Why MSNBC is failing… because of they put inexperienced biased pawns on as news journalists.
    – The networks unbalanced approach to reporting
    – The networks absolute allegiance to Barrack Obama
    – Their need to find some way to say Obama is great

  • Paul454

    How about doing a little science experiment in Kenya?: exhume Barrack Obama, Sr.’s body and do a paternity test with the Occupier of the Oval Office. When it doesn’t match he can follow it up with another one on the exhumed body of Frank Marshall Davis! Then watch the liberal jackasses do backflips to explain those results! (I know they won’t because they will insist on keeping busy “puffing up” Hillary for their next targeted onslaught of liberal insanity on our dying Republic) Ahh yes, may the United States rest in peace.

    • NebraskaFilly

      How about Mohammed Subud, who is the spitting image of Obama? You know, the leader of that cult to which both Loretta Fuddy and Obama’s Mom belonged? You DID know they were acquaintances, didn’t you?

  • TKevinTkevin

    kenya believe it?

    like father, like son…

    as owebama sr. helped to financially destroy kenya, so too is lil’barry owebama destroying financially our own nation

    i’m sure a usurper-library would look nice in kenya

  • taek1

    Is Ronan destined to follow the excellent journalistic career of Chelsea?

  • dan cnad


  • stpatwanabe

    Of course Kenya would have the only Obama fans because thats his home town!

  • Mindy Robinson

    A wise move for the thug in chief and ronan would be, move to Kenya. Oh , wait, the educated, those who are gov officials, those who make the laws, made it clear to the thug in chief, leave your homosexuals at home. There is a good reason for that demand, millions of children are dying from hiv in thier nation. The world is disgusted by the thug in chief, read some foreign media, the gov’s and people of the world despise the thug in chief, he disgusts them.

  • PTripp

    Remember the Obama’s Africa Tour last year? Here the MSM barely mentioned Obama protesters in S. Africa because they couldn’t get any footage at all without showing a few in the background. There were thousands. If they showed the Obama’s arrival in Kenya or any of the other countries they visited it was because the protesters were kept outside the airport. Other county’s media wasn’t so biased and the protests were the story, especially in Kenya.

    It seems Kenyans resent the Obamas, especially their Obamas, for trying to turn Kenya into a Muslim country. Primarily through their politics and of course our Obama’s half brother Malik who founded and runs the Barak Hussein Obama Foundation. Look it up. See the radical Islamic Universities they give scholarships to.

  • brozojl

    Hope He finds someone that will take -O- in. Then he can fulfill his dictatorship in Kenya!!

  • Sam Houston

    If the King Obama’s fan base in Kenya is low, he can send the Queen Regent Moozilla on another tax funded vacation there to toss around taxpayer funds and bring those poll numbers up. Kenya is far too dirty a place for King Obama to sully himself by ever going there.

  • Sam Houston

    OK, I just stomached the nerve to watch that pathetic piece of dribble they called journalism. TMZ could do better. At least 3 different people, that I could understand, mentioned that the President was from Kenya. The “artist” rapped that Obama was from Kenya, went to America to be President, then will come back to them. Obama claims to have not been born there and there is absolutely no public record that he has every visited there as far back as his college days. So just how can they say that he came from Kenya when Obama claims he was not? I smell something fishy like the lie of a Libtard.

  • Keith Pallo

    Let Obama go back to the country of his birth and stay there since the Kenyans love him so much and then he can’t hurt America anymore!!

  • Wethepeople Alabama

    Kenya can have their village idiot back any time they want! Will gladly put money towards helping send him, the heffer and their offsprings to his home country any time!

  • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

    Hey, I’m all for his trip to Kenya, is it possible that we could convince him to take β€œThe Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama with him? Maybe the Kenyans will decide to keep him …. PLEASE!

  • Rafael X

    Managing editor of a site with 10 readers is making fun of MSNBC, that’s rich.

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