• Amidst Dwindling Poll Numbers, MSNBC Travels to Kenya to Locate Obama Fans

    Thank the Lord for Ronan Farrow!

    Man, this is just pathetic. If you haven’t seen MSNBC’s latest show, “Ronan Farrow Daily,” it’s most likely because no one has. But he’s definitely the new “it-kid” as far as liberals are concerned. Ronan recently earned a Walter Cronkite Award, which was bestowed upon him on only the third day of his broadcasting career. Think Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize. And that came on the heels of a glowing New York Times puff piece that predicted the 25-year-old will be a future president. Oh, I can’t wait. Actually, let’s change the law so he can run in 2016! Can we???

    Now in his third week at MSNBC, Ronan delivers to us a supposed “news report” so laughable that you almost have to commend him. On the same day that NBC News released polling showing that Barack Obama’s popularity has plummeted to new lows, Mr. Farrow has decided to take us on a little trip to Kenya…you know, just to prove to us that someone in the world still loves Barry.

    Kenyans still love Barack Obama. Everyone in Kenya emulates him,” declares one woman. Another interviewee shares his love for our Dear Leader with a catchy song.

    So, there you have it. Even if a majority of Americans has decided that the 44th President of the United States is fairly worthless, there’s always Kenya. Ironically, it also happens to be the last geographic location on Earth that Democrats would have mentioned during the 2012 presidential election (do you hear that, Donald Trump?). But desperate times call for desperate measures, and, you know, Ronan Farrow is on a mission to save the universe or something.

    Comment below with your thoughts on Obama, Kenya, and Ronan Farrow’s amazing broadcasting skills…


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    Rafael X says:

    Managing editor of a site with 10 readers is making fun of MSNBC, that’s rich.

    Dave the Retired Marine MSgt says:

    Hey, I’m all for his trip to Kenya, is it possible that we could convince him to take “The Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama with him? Maybe the Kenyans will decide to keep him …. PLEASE!

    Wethepeople Alabama says:

    Kenya can have their village idiot back any time they want! Will gladly put money towards helping send him, the heffer and their offsprings to his home country any time!

    Keith Pallo says:

    Let Obama go back to the country of his birth and stay there since the Kenyans love him so much and then he can’t hurt America anymore!!

    Sam Houston says:

    OK, I just stomached the nerve to watch that pathetic piece of dribble they called journalism. TMZ could do better. At least 3 different people, that I could understand, mentioned that the President was from Kenya. The “artist” rapped that Obama was from Kenya, went to America to be President, then will come back to them. Obama claims to have not been born there and there is absolutely no public record that he has every visited there as far back as his college days. So just how can they say that he came from Kenya when Obama claims he was not? I smell something fishy like the lie of a Libtard.

    Sam Houston says:

    If the King Obama’s fan base in Kenya is low, he can send the Queen Regent Moozilla on another tax funded vacation there to toss around taxpayer funds and bring those poll numbers up. Kenya is far too dirty a place for King Obama to sully himself by ever going there.

    brozojl says:

    Hope He finds someone that will take -O- in. Then he can fulfill his dictatorship in Kenya!!

    PTripp says:

    Remember the Obama’s Africa Tour last year? Here the MSM barely mentioned Obama protesters in S. Africa because they couldn’t get any footage at all without showing a few in the background. There were thousands. If they showed the Obama’s arrival in Kenya or any of the other countries they visited it was because the protesters were kept outside the airport. Other county’s media wasn’t so biased and the protests were the story, especially in Kenya.

    It seems Kenyans resent the Obamas, especially their Obamas, for trying to turn Kenya into a Muslim country. Primarily through their politics and of course our Obama’s half brother Malik who founded and runs the Barak Hussein Obama Foundation. Look it up. See the radical Islamic Universities they give scholarships to.

    Mindy Robinson says:

    A wise move for the thug in chief and ronan would be, move to Kenya. Oh , wait, the educated, those who are gov officials, those who make the laws, made it clear to the thug in chief, leave your homosexuals at home. There is a good reason for that demand, millions of children are dying from hiv in thier nation. The world is disgusted by the thug in chief, read some foreign media, the gov’s and people of the world despise the thug in chief, he disgusts them.

    stpatwanabe says:

    Of course Kenya would have the only Obama fans because thats his home town!

    dan cnad says:


    taek1 says:

    Is Ronan destined to follow the excellent journalistic career of Chelsea?

    TKevinTkevin says:

    kenya believe it?

    like father, like son…

    as owebama sr. helped to financially destroy kenya, so too is lil’barry owebama destroying financially our own nation

    i’m sure a usurper-library would look nice in kenya

    Paul454 says:

    How about doing a little science experiment in Kenya?: exhume Barrack Obama, Sr.’s body and do a paternity test with the Occupier of the Oval Office. When it doesn’t match he can follow it up with another one on the exhumed body of Frank Marshall Davis! Then watch the liberal jackasses do backflips to explain those results! (I know they won’t because they will insist on keeping busy “puffing up” Hillary for their next targeted onslaught of liberal insanity on our dying Republic) Ahh yes, may the United States rest in peace.

    NebraskaFilly says:

    How about Mohammed Subud, who is the spitting image of Obama? You know, the leader of that cult to which both Loretta Fuddy and Obama’s Mom belonged? You DID know they were acquaintances, didn’t you?


    David Morris says:

    Here is an example of … several things.
    – Why MSNBC is failing… because of they put inexperienced biased pawns on as news journalists.
    – The networks unbalanced approach to reporting
    – The networks absolute allegiance to Barrack Obama
    – Their need to find some way to say Obama is great

    Guest says:

    Here is an example of … several things.
    – Why MSNBC is failing… because of they inexperienced biased pawns on as news journalists.
    – The networks unbalanced approach to reporting
    – The networks absolute allegiance to Barrack Obama
    – Their need to find some way to say Obama is great

    maodeedee says:

    In Kenya everyone would like to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.
    “A dipsh!t like him could not be a Kenyan!” -one man said.