Firearms, an Equalizer for Women

In Hollywood and in real life

pam-grier with gun

Once upon a time, when I was a young teenager, I wanted to have a career in law enforcement.

Specifically, I wanted to be a Vice cop. Even more specifically, my mother freaked out telling me such things as, “Women shouldn’t be cops! What if you get shot? Why do you play those shooting video games so much?”

My desire to be a cop took a backseat to becoming an engineer but the image of what a firearm in the hands of a woman meant to me never went away.

Growing up as a kid in the late 70’s, I got a steady dose of such Blaxploitation films as Shaft, Dolemite, and the movie that would change my life forever: Foxy Brown. Pam Grier’s character in Foxy Brown instilled in me, at a young age, that while violence against women was not inevitable, a firearm proved to be an equalizer when the brute strength of a male perpetrator was used against you. It also proved to be quite the crime deterrent. Fast forward to the slick ’80s. The female cop duo of Trudy Valentine and Gina Calabrese in Miami Vice further impressed on me that whether in the bright lights of the “normal” world or the grittiness of the underworld of drugs and prostitution, a firearm is the difference between protecting oneself and wearing a toe tag on a coroner’s table.

Outside the realm of movies and television, female police officers and everyday citizens prove that a firearm has an equalizing force when it comes to protecting women from violence. John Lott author of “More Guns, Less Crime” highlights this in an interview he did with the with University of Chicago:

“Murder rates decline when either more women or more men carry concealed handguns, but a gun represents a much larger change in a woman’s ability to defend herself than it does for a man.”

Contrary to what the liberal media says about women being able to prevent rapes by peeing their panties or using a rape whistle, the point is that women have to wait for cops to show up. I don’t know about other women, but the last thing I want is my personal safety depending on wetting my pants or blowing a whistle in hopes the cops might arrive in time. While I live in a very nice, quite, wealthy neighborhood with a responsible police department, the decisions that are made for my own protection between the time a crime is being committed, when the cops are called, and when they arrive is up to me.

My means of equalizing an unsafe situation–a .40 caliber Springfield XDM semi-automatic handgun given to me by a former Blackwater firearms instructor.

In the real world there are no rewrites to save you.

Trish Williams

Trish Williams is a former engineering major, who resides in Philadelphia. Trish is an avid reader, advocate for STEM education in schools, and a firearms enthusiast. She hopes to relocate to the coastal South for warmer weather and conservative political surroundings.

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  • Kevin Baker

    Thank you, Trish!

  • The Drill SGT

    she also has issues writing complete sentences…

    • AD_Rtr_OS

      Her editor made an unfortunate remark, and is no longer available – perhaps you should ask for the job.

      • Anthony O’nan

        I recognize that your comment is just a joke, but it always bothers me when people imply that gun owners or carriers are somehow liable to “snap”. It’s misguided and silly at best, fearmongering and deliberately misleading at worst.

  • KBK

    I see what you did there

  • Micha_Elyi

    I liked the clever bit of writer’s trickery at the end; a mangled paragraph followed by “Remember, in real life there are no rewrites to save you.” Buh-dum!

  • Notjack

    But that is racist!!! And patriarchal!! And Non PC!!!!

    How can this be, Trish??? Only white men are rapists. I mean racists.

    • MrJest

      Racepists?? :-p

  • Chemman01

    Good article.

  • Julie Pascal

    I appreciate this. Guns are the one thing that can make a woman (or the elderly, or a handicapped person) equal to the predators in the world. And yet… we’re supposed to prefer weakness. It’s twisted.

  • BillLawrenceOnline

    Great column. 100-percent right.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people.

    • OldNHMan

      Oh, so bullets just spontaneously fly across the room and kill people?

      Neither guns or bullets kill people. I kill people.

    • John F

      “Guns don’t kill people…”

      unless you throw them really hard.
      It’s the bullets
      it’s the massive tissue trauma, shock and blood loss that gets you.

  • Cellec

    .40 caliber Springfield XDM
    Nice piece. Personally I’ll take something in a.45 ACP, but Springfield is great.

    • Chaaange

      I have an XD .45 that my petite wife loves and shoots like a champ.

      • MrJest

        I was talked into an XD .45 at the store (went in for a Beretta 92), and was delighted and surprised at how good it was. My wife, however, was less enthused – she has problems racking the slide. She wants an old school Glock 19. No accounting for taste, but as a good husband I’ll indulge. 🙂

    • Mike Davis

      No doubt. But the important point is that a lowly .22 in the pocket beats the hell out of a .45 at home in the gun safe. In summer clothing (shorts & tee shirt) I carry a .32 Kel-Tec in a pocket holster. There’s just no place to hide the .44 Spl that I carry the other three seasons.

      Conversely there’s the old joke about the little old lady asking the Texas Ranger why he carried that big .45 Colt on his hip. He replied, “Well, m’am, it’s like this. The 12 gauge won’t fit in the holster.”

      So, go about your day with as much gun as you can carry concealed, but carry something. That’s the most important part of it all.

      • ronnor

        I carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46.

        • AnarchyPrime

          They do make a .46.

        • John F

          That’s how I heard the Ranger gag before.

        • Smith and Wesson and Me

          Says the panty waisted liberal who wets his shorts the first time his limp wrist had to heft a pocket .22

      • John F

        A Lupara sort of alley-sweeper is almost worth considering for defensive carry -if only. There’s also the “Mare’s Leg” cut-down ranch rifle conversion. Maybe a straight-pull bolt action of some kind, using somewhat larger than a pistol cartridge.


    Self defense is a civil right!

    • Fifty Ville

      In times of incivility, it’s a human right.

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  • Disquieted

    Trish, thanks for the time you took writing this article. Required reading for my daughters.

  • Fifty Ville

    It does my heart good to read an article by a really smart woman.

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  • jade


  • PunditFaP

    Right on, right on

  • SemperWhy

    It must be nice to be so cute that people give you firearms. I had to pay cashy money for mine. It’s not a cheap hobby.

    Regardless of my jealousy, good article.

    • John F

      I guess you have to start writing articles and get attention somehow…

  • Mastro63

    Meanwhile all the cops are at the Democratic or Republican fund raiser- providing VIP security, closing streets so they can drive away unimpeded, etc.

    Or- the police refuse to send an officer to protect a woman who might be hesitant to file a restraining order.

    Or- the local police force is undermanned because the city can’t afford to pay 50,000 cops full benefits and retirement packages.

    Or- police are so protected by the FOP many of them think they can do what they like- which isn’t running off to protect women, sadly.

    Or- a mandated Affirmative Action hiring plan has stocked the force with badly educated cops- who also know they won’t be fired- see above.

    Or- buy a gun, store it safely and know how to use it.

    • John F

      Or the police are off making sure the “free speech zones” stay domesticated while the protest illegal wars or giving the nation’s future to corrupt bankers who’ve blackmailed us into letting them get away scott-free. Make a few “assault on a police officer ” arrests when protesters assault your baton with their faces.

  • Klaus Flauten

    I have the same weapon and love it!

    • Mastro63

      I was going to buy one- but didn’t they have a recall over a safety issue?

  • John F

    The type of firearm Grier is holding was declared illegal (for us poor dumb sheeple civilians) because supposedly short shotguns had no military utility or heritage, so weren’t protected against outright banning. Mr Miller, who lost that first case died before any appeal, and nobody has taken it up since.
    I can’t think of a better household defense gun, or carrying for personal defense if you don’t have a suitable carry pistol.

    These or carry pistols or “sport rifles” (“assault weapons” as the semi auto ones are called or even real fully auto assault rifles) should be given to any citizen who passes the background checks and a grant-supported personal safety course. Call it the “unorganized militia” which congress has been remiss in failing to set up. Take the money from the semi-black funding the Department of Fatherland Security is giving to local police departments with military training and equipment and orders.
    I’ll bet $$ the results would be better on crime and nutcase mad mass shooters, and cheaper than hiring more militarized police.

  • CombatMissionary

    I have all my kids in MMA right now. One of my daughters can escape submission holds and put boys that are bigger than her into a darn good carotid restraint.
    That said, I’m teaching them all the gun. That same girl can shoot a BB gun just about as well as I can, and she’s not even ten. Engage the enemy at maximum range, as we say in the Army. Later, I may ask their aunt to teach them knife throwing, and start them on tomahawk training. But firearms should be the first weapon a woman goes for when in a life-or-death situation.

  • Davis Thompson

    Thanks for helping to break the stereotype of the gun owner as an old, fat redneck white guy. Great job.

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