• Dem Congressman Gets Creepy, Sings to Himself to Avoid Obamacare Questions


    Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez really didn’t want to answer questions about President Obama repeatedly changing major portions of Obamacare without congressional authorization. In fact, rather than give his take on the myriad delays issued to the health-care law, Gutierrez instead whistled strange melodies to himself and scurried to his vehicle.


    “If the Affordable Care Act is so affordable, why does the White House keep delaying it without congressional approval?” Daily Surge publisher Jason Mattera asked the Illinois Congressman.

    The usually verbose Gutierrez had nothing substantive to say: “Call the office” and “I don’t have time” were his initial responses. Gutierrez was also asked if individuals, not just the business community, should be granted relief from Obamacare’s onerous mandates. 

    Then things got weird. And by weird we mean that Congressman Gutierrez started blurting out tunes to himself after Mattera questioned him on how many more Obamacare delays Americans could expect. 

    In 2010, Gutierrez argued that the law would make coverage “more accessible and affordable.” While those claims have turned out to be false, the Congressman wasn’t concerned that the President has usurped, well, Congress by unilaterally rewriting a law passed by Gutierrez and his colleagues.

    All told, the terribly misnamed “Affordable Care Act”  has been suspended more than 15 times in the past year alone, according to the New York Times, actions that have been called unconstitutional by constitutional lawyers who are generally supportive of the President. Unlike businesses — now enjoying their second delay to the employer mandate — the vast majority of individuals who do not comply with the law’s edicts by March 31 face penalties.

    How’s that for fair?

    Oh, and be sure to watch Gutierrez try to play “Bumper Cars” with Mattera in the beginning of the video, and even touch his face like a creeper.  And there was also the part where Gutierrez’s perplexed staffer tries (unsuccessfully) to block the camera.

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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    Sine_Labore_Nihil says:

    Gutierrez is a slime ball. First of all, he was so afraid of who Jason Mattera worked for and second, he had not on scintilla of an answer for anything Jason asked him. What in the hell was so difficult for the slime ball Guti, that he could not answer even one question. This guy is a POS and needs to be removed from office NOW!

    JeromeFJ says:

    “…but, that seems just mean at this point.”

    Oh, man. Dude is cold.

    Patriot_ll says:

    I’m surprised he could answer the hard questions like, ‘What’s your name’? Worse is human beings voted for him. Si, se pueda.

    agrclemsonfarmn says:

    exposure with this, cspan broadcasting live from Congress I say the more we let these people (actually on both sides) talk and express their views, it become clear that the cemetery, absentee voters, and the takers had to have put such ‘mouthbreathers’ in a position to pass laws.

    Jason Hops says:

    Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority

    Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

    So why are they saying Whites will be a minority in Britain in 2036?

    And Sweden in 2024?

    That’s because there’s MASSIVE non-White immigration in EVERY White country and ONLY White countries.

    Because there’s a program of White geNOcide.

    They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.

    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White

    Mark Jessup says:

    If you want your creepy ‘Rat apologist for Obama, you can keep him.

    Peter Furman says:

    Remember when you were a kid and there was always another obnoxious kid you just wanted to punch”in the face”?
    We’re all grown up now(at least 1/2 of us) and I can’t help but feeling the same way now only the obnoxious kids have turned into obnoxious men and women I just cannot stand to look at,listen to or accept the fact that these “children”,these obnoxious,dishonest,impotent buffoons have been destroying my country,my beliefs,my allegiance to the Constitution,the Constitutional Republic that so many millions of “legal” immigrants over so many decades risked everything,worked indefatigably to build,,fought to defend,too often died to protect !
    There are hundreds and hundreds similar to this azzhole who belong in a cell sentenced for a very long time for the “Crimes” they have committed,the people they have betrayed,the oath to defend and enforce the Constitution they have betrayed for power,for money,for control and for the sociopaths they are!
    How does it feel to have this fine example of horse feces collecting $175,000 dollars a year of my money,your money with healthcare we can neither get nor afford and expense accounts,pensions for the absolute Failure,the “High Crimes And Misdemeanors” they have perpetrated with the callous,impudent attitude that they are “better” and “entitled to work 7 months a year produce Nothing,accomplish Nothing!
    What the heck huh? I only wish this punk and his cadre of vermin did not exist,had a “smidgen” of honor which is vacant in politics.
    Time to do what we wanted to do but ere too disciplined to do all those years ago and shut these sociopaths up!

    The_Frog_Prince says:

    People in this idiot’s district need to throw this trash out to the curb.

    northern_sentinel says:

    His gerrymandered district…

    agrclemsonfarmn says:

    google US House Rep jim clyburn dem from SC — you’ll get whiplash

    agrclemsonfarmn says:

    can’t beat Santa Claus ( another Rush-ism)

    ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga! says:

    That would be the idiots from San Antonio, TX district where the idiot who
    represents them is from.
    I wrote a letter to Cornyn, Hutchison, Gutierrez and 0bama back in 2011 when I lived there at that time since they were the “leadership”. The letter was about how 0bamacare was illegally passed into law. The two RINO’s responded with pre-scripted gibberish but nonetheless responded. However, exactly how this democrat idiot blew off this interviewer was how both democrat reps treated me, my letter and largely how they have been treating the American public for decades.
    When they call you looking for your supporting vote, you will know what you need to do.

    Sunshine Kid says:

    What’s good for the politician is not good for the citizen. This is why Gutierrez could touch someone and threaten to call the police when touched. Also why Gutierrez would not answer questions, but would in a heartbeat subpoena a citizen to answer questions under threat of prison if the citizen failed to show up and answer.

    It’s not Kool-Aid they are drinking in government; it is far more potent.

    robert1407 says:

    Just another Corrupt self center egoist Politician who get his palms grease with Payola from the Corporations like the Pharmaceuticals to allowed the bribery of the EPA to approved poison drugs that murder the citizens at a rate of over 100,000 each year and all for the high markup profits in the thousands of percent. Profit used to grease palms. I have, in writing and personally informed my Congressman and each time he did not hum a tune, but when into a Zombie state and I got nothing for he also has sold the Citizens of the Republic out to the highest bidder.

    agrclemsonfarmn says:

    Too bad you don’t live in SC our reps +or- do respond and will let you visit them or they will come to you.

    Hiram Belt says:

    That is true. Senator Graham personally called back my cousin to help him with his disability case. Great guy.

    colsooonscoorner says:

    Fun to watch the pols dip & dive and my goodness show musical affinity to while dodging questions.

    Diane says:

    Sorry to say that this joker has been in Illinois far too long. He uses an old tactic that was first perfected by Richard J. Daley….when someone asks you a pointed question, you just laugh.

    agrclemsonfarmn says:

    That is why I am a fan of Jason no fear. expose these unlearned spokespersons

    chock says:

    Gutierrez is a representative of Mexico and LaRasa. He is protected by Illinois to get re-elected to work against our country. Wake up.

    Sportinlife10 says:

    He’s a promoted-above-his-station-fool. His staffer: Goon 101

    CommieJuice says:

    Gutierrez told Jason not to touch him or he was going to call the police, yet he kept touching Jason, touching his face and arms repeatedly. That was creepy, but what is scary is Paul Ryan is good friends with this guy and even wants to push amnesty with pal to help Gutierrez’s party. Good post showing the minds of the people in Chicago who will always vote lunatics like this into office.

    kenhowes says:

    Ryan knows he has to work with Gutierrez, who has a lifetime hold on his seat; no Republican can possibly win that district, a bizarre, gerrymandered creation that starts in the largely Puerto Rican Humboldt Park neighborhood, and then runs along a narrow strip way out into the suburbs, around a couple of other districts, and comes back into the Mexican neighborhoods in the southwest part of the city. The only thing that could ever endanger him would be a well-known Mexican-American opponent who was so popular that the machine would hesitate to do its usual smear campaign (I’m thinking maybe a baseball player or popular singer); Gutierrez is Puerto Rican, not Mexican, and Mexicans outnumber Puerto Ricans about 5-1 in the district.

    l.berty says:

    then it’s time to import a Red Mexican into the district or find one already there.
    yeah,Iknow they’re rare..lol

    kenhowes says:

    That’s absolutely right, on both sentences. Yes, that’s exactly the kind of candidate we have to find. And yes, a candidate like that isn’t easy to find. I’d look among ballplayers, musicians, ministers, or businessmen in the community who have a devoted following.

    Bryan Jacks says:

    “Ryan knows he has to work with Gutierrez”

    Let’s hear it for the most pathetic rationalization of the day. This kind of nonsensical thinking is what got us George W. Bush, John McCain, and the Patriot Act. You are either for Liberty or for varying degrees of tyranny. At least we know what side you are on.

    moedom says:

    Just to let you know…not EVERYONE in Chicago would vote for a lunatic like Gutierrez….but I’ll admit…he IS a loser!

    JeromeFJ says:

    If you have never seen how the Illinois Mob/Democrats pervert the “district” to keep scum like Greasy Louie in office, just have a look.