Washington is Now a Company Town


Much has been said recently regarding D.C.’s partisan brinksmanship.  We can’t get anything done because “evil” Republicans are obstructionists. I would argue that quite the opposite is true; there’s far too much bi-partisanship in Washington, D.C. There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat anymore.

Washington has become a company town.

Today’s Washington, D.C. consists of a one party system made up entirely of elitist, establishment, crony, politicians, whose sole aim is to stay in power. Once elected, their goal is to get re-elected and never leave town, whether it’s on Capitol Hill or at a cushy K Street lobbying firm. We have way too much bi-partisanship in Washington because politicians couldn’t care less about the voters they are supposed to serve.

One needn’t look any further than the recent vote in Congress to raise the debt ceiling. America is approaching $18 trillion in debt, and yet Congress votes in lockstep to give Mr. Obama a blank check without so much as a debate about it.

Think about that for a moment. No one, save for Ted Cruz, even sounded the alarm.

Democracy is indeed messy. The framers of the Constitution wanted drawn out debate. They wanted partisanship, if you will. They didn’t want lawmakers to rubber stamp laws. Partisanship is a good thing. It’s what the Founding Fathers would have wanted; it’s what constitutional government is all about. Partisanship is why a grassroots movement such as the Tea Party scares the hell out of the establishment and it’s why the media seeks to marginalize it.

Make no mistake about it. What we have now in Washington is a one party system of inside the beltway political elites who don’t give a damn about “We the People” who elect them.

Edward Woodson

Edward Woodson hosts the nationally syndicated The Edward Woodson Show. He can be heard weekdays 7-8 am ET on WZAB 880 AM in Miami, FL & 5-6 am MT on KFNX 1100 AM News-Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ and can be reached at www.edwardwoodson.com.

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  • Kenny W. Barrett

    all the same old story I’m afraid. All about the fat cat’s wanting to
    stuff their pockets and get fatter, while the rest of us starve and
    default on our mortgages. In this time of “Change” and with this doomed
    state of economic affairs, we are all taking hits, and we are all having
    to cut back and make sacrifices in order to make ends meet, and even
    then we risk losing everything. It is amazing to me that the same people
    who got us into this mess, are the same people who absolutely refuse to
    believe that it is all over for them too. The Glory days are gone but
    they refuse to accept it, or acknowledge the irreversible damage that
    they have clearly caused. They actually believe that they can still go
    on living the good life, the life of the powerful, the life of the
    elite, the life of the beautiful people. Now that their own resources
    and connections are drying up, they are reaching deep into the pockets
    of every American. There is no end to this lunacy and they will not stop
    until the well has completely run dry. Blank checks will not solve the
    debt crisis, the American dollar is about as worthless as an elevator in
    an outhouse at this point. So what is the most absolute crazy thing
    about all of this? These Bozo’s in Washington are so troglodyte stupid,
    that they actually believe that despite the economic collapse of this
    country, they will remain unaffected and untouched by this monster that
    they have created. This is simply not true, they are currently feeling
    the wrath and now the panic has set in. They will do whatever they have
    to in order to hold on to the good life for themselves, all at the
    expense of our freedom, our right to prosperity, our right to bear arms,
    and our right to be free from a tyrannical government. We the American
    people have been sold out by a bunch of cronies bent on destroying this
    country, and abolishing our heavily eroded constitution and our bill of
    rights… FOREVER! There is no America! America is DEAD!…..She has
    passed away for an eternity.

  • autofixer

    “History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme” – Mark Twain. I think this has occurred countless times throughout history. Rome & Wiemar come to mind without research.

  • Bighoss

    So how’s that “one-party system” possible with a House of Representatives that has a GOP majority bent on obstructing just about every initiative of the Democrats? Would you have characterized Washington as a “one party town” or as “company town” during the several Republican administrations when GOP representatives of both parties overwhelmingly voted to increase the debt ceiling?

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