VIDEO: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rant: ‘It Was Only One Jew’

Al Sharpton’s history of hate is so voluminous and well documented, where does one even begin?

The time he disparaged Jews as “diamond merchants” during the unrest of the infamous Crown Heights riots?

Or when Sharpton tried goading NYC’s Jewish community into an all-out fistfight, saying “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house”?

How about referring to the Jewish owner of Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Fred Harari, as a “white interloper” for seeking to expand his business in Harlem? (You may have heard of Freddy’s. It was also known as the Harlem Massacre. One of Sharpton’s followers also disapproved of the “white interloper” and burned the store to the ground, murdering eight people including himself.)

But those tirades were just Sharpton’s anti-semitic ones. He’s also sermonized on “Greek homos” and “crackas” as well as bombarded former NYC Mayor David Dinkins with a barrage of N-bombs.

So if you’re Sharpton and you’re confronted about some of your “greatest hits,” what do you do?

Scoff at the questioning and argue that one of your notorious racial slurs wasn’t, in fact, a slur because it was meant for just one Jewish individual.

No, seriously, that was Sharpton’s defense.

On the night of the glitzy White House Correspondents Dinner, Daily Surge Publisher Jason Mattera asked the faux Civil Rights leader if he should be banned from television, “in the spirit of Donald Sterling,” for all the “racist stuff” he’s said over the years. Sharpton, recall, threatened boycotts and protests if the National Basketball Association failed to ban Sterling from the league.

If you can believe it, Sharpton challenged Mattera to produce evidence of racism.

And when that evidence was produced, easily (see above) – in this case, his calling Fred Harari a “white interloper” and David Dinkins a n***** – Sharpton ignored the shot at Dinkins, but ridiculously claimed that “whiter interloper” didn’t rise to the level of racism because it was directed at only one Jew, not a neighborhood of them.

“When did I call Jews ‘white interlopers’?” Sharpton demanded.

Mattera reminded Sharpton of Freddy’s Fashion Mart and followed-up with, “Doesn’t it take some serious balls on your end to accuse somebody of racism?”

Sharpton blustered back, “You went from one guy who paid people off the books and was wrong,”  before the “Reverend ” rambled on about ‘lies’ and ‘distortions’ as though he’s been misinterpreted all these years.

Of course, splitting hairs over anti-semitic comments is probably not the best position to find oneself in.

“One guy!”

In any event, who knows how many Jews Al Sharpton had in mind.  When an audiotape surfaced of him disparaging Mr. Harari, his initial reaction was, “What’s wrong with denouncing white interlopers?”  Sharpton eventually gave one of those half-hearted apologies (a bloodbath ensued at Freddy’s, after all) and then carried on with his profession of stoking racial strife.

As idiotic as Donald Sterling’s comments were, they were still said in private. Sharpton’s tirades, on the other hand, were delivered for public consumption.  And not only has Sharpton been rewarded with his own primetime television show on MSNBC, he’s a frequent guest at the White House and Obama officials headline his National Action Network conference.

Recently, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP honored Sharpton with their “Person of the Year” award, an accolade that was originally slated to be given to — wait for it — Donald Sterling.

Watch the exclusive video above.

Jerome Hudson

Managing Editor

Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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  • Tina M

    7 innocents dead at Freddie’s Fashion Mart .. he incited a riot .. Remember what they guy said first too. .. “All BLACKS LEAVE THE STORE” then he opened fire and burned it to the ground …. and again The REV AL was wrong in his FACTS about the whole store owner. 7 DEAD for no reason except color of skin .. He is one piece of work ….

    • Arachne

      And let’s not forget the good “Reverend’s” real claim to fame – the Tawana Brawley hoax – where he smeared, slandered and libeled officers and DA’s. Did he ever pay that judgment against him, I wonder?

      • Tina M

        Keep going .. DUKE LaCross team !!!

    • No-Mo-BO

      He’s a piece of something…

      • bob

        He belongs on NBC…They are un American and fit him perfectly

    • Logan

      That a scumbag like Al Sharpton is a public figure and TV commentator is shameful. It only shows how far our political discourse and culture has fallen in this country. This clown is a national disgrace and anyone who thinks his opinions are even worth consideration is a fool.

      • Cosette

        I find it particularly outrageous that the NAACP, after having dropped Donald Sterling, chose to honor this unapologetic racist puke as their person of the year. The NAACP and Al Sharpton, attached at the hip, racists the lot of them…. birds of a feather…….

      • don O’Brien

        I’m an old man and know Sharpton’s activities well, and so I agree with all these comments, but you can’t regret that “discourse and culture has fallen”, and then use the word “scumbag” yourself. That’s hypocritical. You’re better than that.

    • Jim

      I’d guess that “only one” is what they said about the first through the last “strange fruit hanging from a tree” in Al’s neighborhood. But, I could be wrong…

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  • talking2much

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone question the “good Rev” about his disgusting racism, so THANK you for that .

    • Dst1964srq

      Sean Hannity does frequently.

  • lindarm

    Al Sharpton is an infected boil on the flesh of humanity

    • Alex Snyder

      As are most liberal puke democrats.

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  • jefferyCA

    Someday that man will have to answer for is many sinful ways.

  • The_American_Way

    Lying seems to be acceptable to liberals now a days. There was a time when even liberals thought that lying was disgraceful. But not anymore.

    Yes, people have always lied but most of the time they were smart enough to lie in a way that they would not be caught. Sharpton is not bright enough to lie. Someone needs to tell him and Obama, that they have this thing called video tape.

    • morris67

      Liberals weren’t always communists.

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  • StarDust Dolittle (@DustyFae)

    What do you expect from a racist like Sharpton, he will never change.. he is a traitor to his own people, he makes Blacks look bad and Black American are not like this baboon.. Only his supporters are the racists… And l think this man is a disease to all people of all race…I guess he drank too much of the WH camel urine…

  • Carrie Barton (@CarrieBarton3)

    Just like a lefty; do as I say not as I do!

  • jimkroeger

    A piss poor excuse for one of our so-called Washington leaders. Not only a disgrace to his race, but the whole human race!!!

    • Lazy Protester (@LazyProtester)

      Um…not to split hairs here but, Al Sharpton is not a Washington leader. He’s not an official in any capacity in fact. He’s a reverend and a loud mouth, but he’s not a member of the leadership of this country. Just FYI.

      • Ed Corps

        He is a leader in the black community. He is given his leadership by the attention paid to him by the liberal news media and the left wing politicians. He’s the real Uncle Tom making sure that the black’s continue to serve with their votes on the progressive plantation.

      • morris67

        Tell that to the president as he gives him a big, affectionate hug!

      • Jersey_Prophet (@stringed)

        Which makes him eminently eligible as a member of the MSNBC staff.

  • markieblue

    Apparently, some Americans like Sharpton, heaven knows why? It is hard to believe that THAT man actually has a television program?

    • Lazy Protester (@LazyProtester)

      Because there are lots of racists in America of ALL colors? Just a guess.

      • Jersey_Prophet (@stringed)

        …otherwise known as liberals.

  • Lynx Eye

    Not to worry, folks, as God is just, it’s fairly certain Sharpton is on Satan’s “People To Do” list and will get what is coming to him in due course, if he does not repent of his rancid ways. There is, after all, the pissed off folks at La Cosa Nostra for dear old Al to worry about. They tend to loathe rats, and tend to be a firm believer in the “no loose ends” school of thought. Then again, no wonder people don’t always trust Christians with people like the racist “reverend” around. Of course, the title of reverend should probably be “86ed” anyway, as we are revere no one but Christ, as a bottom line sort of thing.

  • calmo

    Thank you, Jerome Hudson, for providing this coverage that most of the media won’t touch. We’re so fortunate to have people like you rise among people of color to counter the evil of those like Sharpton, Jackson, and some members of Congress we all know about. Our country needs many more role models like you. God bless your efforts.

    • Ophelia5338


    • Ed Corps

      100% agree. We need more like you and Ben Carson, Bill Cosby, and Alan West who tell the truth to all Americans, but particularly black Americans. God Bless and may these messages be heard by those that need them most.

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  • markit8dude

    Mr. Hudson thanks for the fascinating and at-times macabre-like ‘humorous’ spin of the ‘Rev’.

    Have a pleasant week-end.

  • Ophelia5338

    Thk u Jerome for showing America there are still some who stand for truth. U are a credit to the human race. Now if we could only get the message across over loud mouth race profiteer criminals like Sharpton.

  • Roy Rogers

    The Rev’s still pissed at moma, she dropped him out the wrong hole and never flushed.

  • sanityisrare

    Reverend? Of What !!???

  • Citizen Kaykay

    One of the worst racists in American history…a race-baiter, a race hustler…just a horrible human being.

    • Alex Snyder


  • Phillip Parker (@ParkerPhilpark)

    He’s a Democrat and he’s black, in that order. He gets a pass and that’s all there is to this story. Republican and black, he’d have been forgotten long ago.

  • Bret Fox

    The NAACP is a cesspool of racism and any black associated with this organization can share the blame for black unemployment and black dependence on government assistance. Al Sharpton is all about Al Sharpton. He is a fake reverend and he only represents ignorant and gullible blacks who share his racist ideology.

  • Wynne-Morgan

    Sharpton is such a jerk, why the hell does anyone watch him on TV.

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  • J.R.L.

    It’s the money – all he cares about is the money.

    He will never speak out against the 75% out of wedlock birth rate in the black community – why – because he needs more dependent idiots to build his power base.

    He is a creepy – greasy headed – negro…………………………..

    • morris67

      Good thing you’re only attacking one “negro”. Guess you’re not a racist….unless your nickname happens to be YT.

  • Lynn

    In my opinion Al Sharpton needs racism like food and water. It is really a sad state of affairs because he eats very well when our empathy turns to a cold dark anger, and we do become racist when it is against everything we believe in. It is a daily battle to resist people like him.

  • Bryan Bemjamin (@JTNRA)

    A racist, always has been

  • Arthur Shatz

    Sharpton is a professional racist, that’s what he does. Has he ever apologized to Steven Pagones about all the lies he told during the Tawana Brawley fiasco? The fact that he is on MSNBC is proof positive that he can’t be taken seriously.

    • morris67

      Of course, if he were clean and well-spoken, as joe biden would say, we’d really be in for it!

  • irondog

    I wish the mob would rubber-duck him for being the rat he is

  • peteee363

    remember all cable and dish customers, YOU are paying his salary to continue his racist ways. cut your cord today, and stop funding this racist.

  • mgmphd

    How about calling all of New York City Jaimetown??? That’s more than one Jew, Al.

    • Nick Danger, 3i

      That was Jesse Jackson’s famous rant though I would not bet against Al using that word himself.

  • mike compton

    The Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA
    ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

  • Harry King

    We already know their is a double standard and the elite love to keep us blind to the truth. They use all races of people and pit one group against another so we never look behind the curtain of MONEY controlling these puppets.

  • dr_bugsy

    This is the kind of person the NAACP wants to honor.

  • xsnake

    America’s Jews have been giving him a perennial Mulligan, because he’s a leftist. We are in the midst of a war in America….alliances required to do battle, often mean that you have to accept those that you loath into your group, because your end goals are the same. When the common enemy is defeated……then is the time to “clean house.”
    That is why the Democrats never denounce Islam……as the bigger war against the “first world” is being conducted simultaneously with the comrad civil war in America, Islam is politically an ally……for they hate the capitalist west even more than the leftist “fellow travelers.”

    • Rich The Engineer

      Astute observation. Right out of the Russian Bolshevik playbook. For those who don’t remember (or like Al Sharpton, never bothered to learn it in the first place), as soon as Stalin because Gen’l Sec’y of Bolsheviks, he started immediately working to demonize and liquidate his fellow Bolsheviks who might be a threat to his continued “leadership”. It’s called “get rid of the common enemy, then we can rip each other to shreds” strategy for megalomaniacal domination.

    • Josey Zadoria

      So, all the more to hate Islam! No religion is better than Islam! Or any other religion for that matter! You want religion? Than keep it to yourself! Don’t try to force it on me! Much like Obama, and other leftist progressives who think Government is going to solve all our problems, is nothing more than a power play for the elites, and I am not one who will follow. No thank you! And if you try to force me to, then I have a gun waiting for anyone willing to show up in my space, and is wanting to take away my rights! There NSA, now you can target me! FU OBAMA AND NSA, HILLARY! FU HIllary! FU HIllary! FU Hiilary! and FU OBAMA! FU to all who will vote for these slime bag traitors!n FU! FU! FU! I would be more satisfied kicking every leftist including Obama and the Clintons teeth down their throat! FU! AGAIN!

  • Rickster

    Foul Al keeping the N word alive since the 80’s. If it ever applied to anyone it would be Foul Al

  • griefman

    I am truly offended and I demand that Al resign from the human race.

    • Rich The Engineer

      Perhaps we should just fire him.

  • Pat

    The jewish liberals deserve what they have supported all these years, it must be serving them somehow…. Sharpton would never survive or become rich and famous in a conservative state….

  • Jay

    Take Sharpton’s comment that it was only one Jew and substitute the Nword for Jew. How outraged would Sharpton be then?

  • schm0e

    Don’t worry. Someday you’ll invoke the hypocrisy yourself.

  • Dave

    You gotta hand it to Al. Most FBI snitches don’t rise to the prominence he enjoys.

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  • Clarice Hair

    I have no problem with Fat Al’s free speech. AS LONG AS EVERYONE ELSE CAN DO THE SAME THING,.

  • Rich The Engineer

    Who cares? The only people who won’t admit that Al Sharpton isn’t a lying, hypocritical, race-baiting hater are those, like him, who seek to make money off his hatred.

    Like those jewish leftists who employ him at PMSLSD, the “network for over-drugged hippie refugees from the 1960s and other genetically defective human detrius.”

  • NB_Paleface

    Posting Policy: “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity”.

    In other words, Al Sharpton cannot post here.

  • John Buchanan

    Jerome: Thank you for stating the truth about this man. I have spent a good part of my adult life in the civil rights movement (I’m 63) and got to meet Nelson Mandela in 1990 as a result. If I thought Al Sharpton truly “represented” the black community, I’d proudly and loudly become a racist. How anyone can take him seriously, in light of his past is beyond comprehension. And that fact he has a national-media TV show is mind-boggling. Thanks again for speaking the truth.

  • A person who pays their taxes

    I seem to remember something about Al owing millions to the IRS. How did that work out?

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  • Scott Lanier Sprayberry


  • lmjenn

    I find it kind of ironic that he gives himself the title of reverend. Because when the word is used as an adjective it means worthy of adoration or reverence. I hardly find this man worthy of adoration or reverence. I think he needs a new title that more accurately fits his true nature.

    • zulu ubuntu

      how about ‘inmate’

      • david5300


        • billybatson

          Have you noticed sharpton’s elongated skull?! It’s a throwback to a time before modern man.

    • Robert Westmoreland

      Actually it’s not ironic, it’s a tax shelter. Clergy are exempt from paying social security taxes.

      • Joe

        No they are NOT! They pay double the amount you do because they are considered self employed. You are simply wrong….

        • Lu Natic

          Dream on. Google ‘parsonage tax’

          • Bruingood

            Actually, Joe is correct, Lu Natic. There is a deduction for “housing” from federal taxes, for those licensed and or ordained to the ministry. For Social Security Taxes however Clergy are considered self employed, and therefore pay 15.3%. In other words they pay the employer portion and the taxpayer portion. Google is good if you know how to ask the correct question.

        • Chris

          It doesn’t really matter. Sharpton apparently never pays his taxes anyway.

          • Arminius

            Just a question: Why is it that ‘Sharpy’ can assert that he’s in the clear because he insulted ‘just one Jew’, while anyone in the United States that resents, opposes or criticizes the President is a racist?
            I mean, he’s ‘just one ******’, yes?

        • Michael

          Joe, ministers are able to “exclude” themselves from the social security program and not have to pay into it – they also cannot claim social security benefits when they retire. Those that choose to still pay into the program can pay double (depending on whether their church pays the employer portion – which does happen).

          They also can have a portion of their salary as a housing allowance which is exempt from income taxes.

          You, sir, are simply wrong.

          • New Minister

            Being able to exclude yourself from SS is reason enough to get ordained. I have paid this tax long enough, and know i will not receive a dime from it.

        • bygeorgewashington

          I believe the clergy can be exempted from social security if they take a vow of poverty, but I wouldn’t think that would apply to Al.

      • Pointy01

        Who determines whom should be called ‘Reverend’?

        • lmjenn

          Actually no one should call themselves reverend anymore than a clergy of the Catholic Church call themselves “father”. There is only one true Reverend and one true Father and I guarantee you that He does not approve. I believe the terms Brother or Teacher or Pastor would be more accurate. Or just call them Mister so and so because just because they are “ordained” by a man made religious institution does not make them any more holy than the next guy.

          • Daisy D

            Take your bigotry and ignorance and shove it.

    • Robert McCabe

      How is the vermin a Reverend?It loves to draw attention to itself.

      • Michael M. Keohane

        He was ordained a minister before he became a teen-ager. No formal schooling or train ing. He started “preaching” in a storefront church in New York City before he was ten years old.

    • darryl

      Looks like one reverend that can not practice what he preaches

      • Timmy

        Yes, but that is not a “reverend” thing or a “church” thing. It’s a radical liberal thing. The typical arrogant sense of being better than the “ignorant” masses and “do as I say not as I do” practice of life, or above the law attitude they all hold. Note the aggression and violent retort when he is confronted with his own bigotry. Ever see Obama when he gets pressed into a corner? Hillary? Holder? Classic.

    • weasel sharpton

      Sharpton is a slimy weasel narc

    • Mike Smith

      Can you imagine the backlash someone would get if they said “Well it was just one n****r.” Al, you’re a dummy and a racist, just to blind to see it.

    • Barry

      Yep I agree, the guy is a full blown hypocrite.

    • Kenneth E. Lamb

      Since the subject is Black Racism, this post to the Grilo is appropriate:

      “The Grio – the Largest Cesspool of Black Racism anywhere on Earth!”

      You people are nothing but a bunch of David Dukes wearing blackface. Anyone who doesn’t believe Blacks are among America’s largest and most virulent group of racists, needs only spend a few minutes reading your hate-speech.

      Judging by the content of your character, Dr. King is weeping to think how you’ve turned his “I have a Dream” speech into such a sick nightmare.

      So you want to discuss Blacks getting killed by Whites? First, when are you shutting down the Killing Fields of endless Blacks killing Blacks in DC, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, East St. Louis . . . ? Oh, can’t bring peace to your own neighborhoods?

      Or how about even coming out with rallies against “Polar Bear Hunting” – the Black Racist event that you can’t seem to admit is Black Racism at its most despicable and violent?

      Or how about shutting down the 70% illegitimacy rate of Blacks? Or the fact that more Black babies are aborted than born in NYC?

      Care to opine on why Black children graduate from high school and can’t read or write cursive? Or tell time on an analog clock – even though they are taught by Blacks – or are we supposed to believe in your Black Racist insanity that the remaining White teachers undo the teaching of the Black teachers?

      Maybe you can bounce around some thoughts about why Blacks allow gangsta rappers to be role models – with their misogyny, drug addictions, relentless violence, irresponsible sex lives, and bling-based evaluation of personal worth?

      When will you admit that your Black Racism is a scam to excuse the Black community’s Death Spiral at the hands of your fellow Black Racists?

      How about some discourse on the way Blacks sold Blacks to Arabs – to this very day? Tell us about your rallies to shut down the present-day African slave trade.

      And don’t forget that after thousands of years of slavery by Blacks as well as every other race on Earth, that it was Whites who outlawed – and enforced – the criminalization of slavery – which is still practiced by African Blacks.

      And who can be a really Black, Black Racist without forgetting all about the hundreds of thousands of Whites who died to free Blacks from slavery in America. Oh that’s right – it’s all the White’s fault that slavery existed in America – despite the fact that the first slaveholder in America was Black – as was the largest slaveholder at the time of the Civil War. Darn those Inconvenient Truths!

      Frankly, you are a disgusting group of nothing better than a Black KKK. Those of us who got our heads wacked by the cops in the Freedom Marchs didn’t do that so that the White Citizens’ Council could be replaced with the Black Racist Hate-Speech Club. (By the way, care to share how many marches you got beat up in to win these freedoms from apartheid?)

      I expect to read about how being White I have no place commenting about anything to do with the Black community – it’s a Black thing and all that Black Racist trash.

      OK, so shut up about Whites. You’re not White so you are as equally incapable of discussing White culture as Whites are incapable of discussing Black culture. Let’s see how your total lack of integrity sits with your Black Racist standards being applied to your own Black Racist hate-speech.

      I for one, will be no more intimidated by a bunch of Black Racist bullies than I was of the White racists. You are big-mouthed cowards who don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain.

      If Oprah is correct, and racism will only die when the racists die – I look forward to your demise very soon. Hades will have new fuel for the fire, and the Earth will be a safer, cleaner, more loving place without you.

      • billy batson

        I am sure I will return to this posting and quote it in part or whole, many, many times.

      • ace1usmc

        Kenneth E. Lamb – that was the single most brilliant, insightful, and eloquent post I have EVER read anywhere. Bravo. I couldn’t agree more. Oh, and by the way, I’m not white, so I’ll expect all the “Uncle Tom’ comments to commence any moment now for agreeing with you. The black community idolizes and respects thug mentality, which is one of the many reasons the black community is in utter ruins. Education is no longer valued and seen as a way out of poverty and ignorance.

    • djm159

      I am Jewish. Do you really believe that we give a tinker’s dam what some low-life opportunistic idiot says about us? Anyone who has ever heard a word from his mouth knows that he is an under-educated race baiter who happens to share the same opinion of Jews as does his president, Barack Obama. He is a hate filled racist and domestic terrorist who always champions violence and bigotry and calls for riots for unjust, outright lies. Remember Tawana Brawley? Bigotry is only offensive when it comes from someone with standing and education not from a bottom feeder like Sharpton. He just makes us laugh at his lunacy.

  • Das Hoobert (@DasHoobert)

    Al should have punched Jason in the face, then curb stomped him. Punk “journalism”. Punk, period.

    • ImpeachThe CurrentMoron

      KFUC Sharpton… race-baiting piece of shlt…

    • Nick Johnson


      I think Jason is right on.

    • American Frustration

      I call BS. Racism is racism no matter what the color of your skin. So either this country decides its against racism or not, but there is no double standard for anyone. Its about time people start realizing that, before they scream and use the racism card.

      • Al Korzen

        Time to take that card out of the deck. It is worn out. Revmmmm Al is a phoney, racist, lying, turd. Only on a loser station like MSNBC does he have a voice, which nobody listens too.The blacks who support him, well they have a place for them in Central Park

      • nreef2013

        You are wrong. In todays America racism is a one way street. Just ask Obama and Holder.

    • BillyBob

      Get off your knees, b*tch.

    • brian

      You’re a moron and an anti-semite just like that pig sharpton

    • IllKeepMine

      Sharpton would have ended up on his backside. The man is all mouth and nothing else.

  • billrow

    Sharpton is the new face of racism.

    • Ben Dover


    • Peter913 (@Peter913)

      Sharpton needs to be put down like Don Sterling & Imus. But not going to happen Als too colored.

      • kf4wwb

        Wait a minute. I’m not a supporter of Sterling & Imus but what they said or did is nothing compared to fool Sharpton. They did not say or do anything that others worldwide don’t say occasionally. Get your head straight.

    • I. C Dumb People

      Correction…Obama is the biggest Racist of them all. I have not seen this kind of race tension since the sixties…..looks like the ones that caused it then are running the country now!!!!

  • libertees (@libertees)

    Racism is big business.

  • 7cedars

    Great article! Very well written, and so true. The rules for Sharpton apparently don’t apply to everyone else; and vice versa.

    • jnsesq

      We wouldn’t understand. It’s a black thing…

      • hammerstamp

        Actually it’s more of a liberal thing… called hypocrisy.

    • mirted

      Wonder how many Jews and organizations involving Jews contribute significantly to Sharpton’s various non-profits, or provide connections for his activities.

  • Chas

    When people have negative views of all african-americans, it is because of people like Al Sharpton. When Martin Luther King said it was about character not skin color, he meant for people like Sharpton to discontinue their thuggish behavior. Sharpton is not only a racist but one of the primary contributors to the continuation of racism in America, not only through what he says but through what he is, his character, as a person.

    • Sam

      Chas, Al is like “Abbie Hoffman” from the 60s movement. Their world is about drama, creating drama to feel important. Drama is their bag and like all good narcissist, rules don’t apply when it comes to their actions!

  • Sam Ledger

    I ran into Ole “Al” at a cigar bar called “Shelly’s here in DC about a year ago. What an ugly skinny smack! A few police officers asked if I would take a picture of them with Al. Afterwards they asked if I would like my photo taken with Al as well. While looking Al right in the eyes I said, “I’d rather have my teeth pulled without Anesthesia.” Then sat down. Al just looked at me for a few seconds then went back to his chimp out.

  • john

    face it! al is a racist. no need to say more!

  • Daisy D

    Oh, I understand what you’re saying, Al.

  • P Villela

    Jesus was only one Jew, REVEREND.

    • billy batson

      Like the animals in the zoo who live only for the next feeding time, as long as the bucks keep rolling in, sharpton doesn’t care one wit what anyone thinks of him.

  • Avoid

    It’s amazing to me how many others in television recently lost their shows due to racist remarks off the air, yet Al GETS his own show on MSNBC and accolades from the whitehouse after proving he is racist. Reverse discrimination? What is this??

  • Pingback: A World Changing Weekend Ahead? - UrbanSurvival()

  • http://none Carl Wesley Clark

    I can see why people find all of that hypocritical and wrong, but at least the rev can speak honestly about how he feels about others…..that’s a right few of us enjoy these days, and I’m frankly jealous

    • Lee

      Go to www DOT stormfront DOT org for free speech. You can have frank discussion of race anonymously. We live in a country so intolerant that even private conversations can destroy our careers. Storm Front isn’t about hate, it’s about survival.

  • Lee

    Al Sharpton also promotes the mass murder of whites. He does this through promoting the New Black Panther Party. They openly call for murder of all whites, especially South Africa. Google “Al Sharpton NBPP white genocide”

  • Lee

    Al Sharpton also promotes the mass m u r d e r of whites. He does this through promoting the New Black Panther Party. Google “Al Sharpton NBPP white genocide”

  • carlb

    al sharpton is the poster boy of whats wrong with america since the 60’s. for this used to be fat little man to get the exposure he does with the racist rants shows why we are in decline and china will rule within our lifetime!

  • Carl Spackler

    So, if it’s “just one Jew” for the Rev (ack) Al to disparage, the rest of us white-honkey-cracka’s can call him and Barry NI**ER , right?

  • theoldadam

    You are free to be a racist if you are a black leftist.

  • Joe Williams (@jwilliamsii)

    When is the NBA going to ban Michael Jordan and take his team away for admitting in his book that he hated white people?

  • Pingback: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: I have prejudices; everyone does()

  • Lee

    Google “Al Sharpton NBPP white genocide”. This guy pure evil.

  • beth goll

    He’s subhuman.

  • Macon Sense

    It’s OK. He gets a pass because he is black, a Dimocrat, and supports baby killin’.

  • Chet Napier

    The problem is it can go from it was only one to it was only one boxcar in no time at all

  • Donald

    Hey Al SharpTon! Obama is half Jewish so what you got to say about your that?

    • Jim Lively

      The other half is Muslim so they cancel each other out.

  • rick


  • Realityrules

    The world will be an immeasurably better place when Sharpton is dead. It can’t happen soon enough…yesterday is too late.

  • Soul Leister

    In the “demon-strated” vernacular of “his people”… “dat boy is a liar, he is still alive because we needs us clowns like him to make the rest of us feel good”… and by clown I mean SHARPTON. And where are those cowards in the LGBT community? Why aren’t they demanding Sharpton be censured, oh, I forgot they are just a bunch of DNC script reading hypocrites just like Sharpton.

  • Steve

    This story isn’t even an opinion piece. It’s a set of facts from which any reader should be able to draw obvious conclusions. However, critical reasoning is at a low ebb in our country. Easier to start with a conclusion and twist the facts to support it. The worst part is the author will probably be labeled an “Uncle Tom”. Pathetic.

    • I. C Dumb People

      Correct…. try to use critical thinking as to why Obama is president again!!!

  • Darrell

    Fine article by this young man. The world needs more like him to keep truth alive

  • Drudgebots are ruining America

    Drudge race-baiting again? Color me shocked!

    • kogk1943

      “The truth will make you free”. Truth is anathema to a neo-liberal. Color me shocked!

    • alan

      You mean showing the hypocracy is race baiting?

      • kogk1943

        Sharpton, as are most neo-liberals, are race-baiters AND hypocrites. The truth is anathema to them because it does not fit their subversive agenda. To them; “The end justifies the means”. But you know this already. But hypocrisy keeps getting in your way. No surprise there. More of the same. From the same.

  • I. C Dumb People

    Obama is the new Malcom X that hates whitey and jews and Sharpton is one of his mouth pieces using the tool of the racist card to do Obamas dirty work. This is all backed by Obama the new Malcom X…to cause “social change”.

  • big boobs &beer

    what of msnbc they are king of race baiters

  • troyison

    Jerome, excellent article/opinion. You hit the ball right out of the park.

  • Nick Renn

    So by that reasoning, its acceptable to rant racist remarks against a particular black, but not a group of them. It always good to understand the rules of progressives. They change all of the time.

  • Bob

    In today’s America, you can be a racist as long as your black. You can be violent as long as your black. You can fail all your exams and be promoted, as long as your black. You can have a D average in school but get that coveted university seat, as long as your black.

  • alan

    How do the left police themselves when it comes to racist remarks? They get their own show on MSNBC

  • HR77

    If he offencds one Jew, he offends me as a Jew, too. So make that two Jews.

    • Daisy D

      He offends me too. I’m not Jewish but that makes 3 of us.

  • Pingback: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rant: ‘It Was Only One Jew’ « What's on my mind!()

  • SojournerTruth

    Nice job, Jerome! Sharpton and other black racists have undone many of the advances made in race relations. People like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, because of their hate and their generalized indictments against various white people groups, have done more to keep black people segregated in ghettos than any other leaders. Even Whoopi Goldberg mentioned on the View yesterday – okay, I’m retired with some time on my hands – that the assault against Sterling, and even Paula Deen, was extreme and petty. Whoopi is no conservative, but she is wise enough to know that extremism, regardless of color or ethnicity, is always destructive, and like the boy who cried wolf, people who grow tired of the undeserved rants, eventually will just yawn when the actual persecution of another race or group comes front and center.

  • driveby_poster

    And yet, the LSM beats a path to his door for comment whenever a white guy says something that he baits as racist.

  • Jim Lively

    Sharpton is a stupid black fool.

  • BobD

    The “Rev” actually gets paid by MSNBC! Now THAT is news. The rest is Al’s regular MO.

  • Fred

    Thank you Mr Hudson for your report; We can not tolerate bigotry, where-ever it pops up!

  • BobD

    The apparent difference in personal dignity between the writer of this article, Jerome, and the “Rev” Al, highlights the problem when a single word (i.e., black) is used to describe an entire group of people in society. There are words, mostly slang that have been developed over time, that accurately describe the people within a group that disparage the entire group. Time to start using those terms to spare the decent from being grouped unfairly with the totally indecent and corrupt.

  • makemydaypunk

    Sharpton is just another *big-mouth* negro “race-hustler”… What goes around – comes around and KARMA is a Bi*ch!!!

  • Nee

    It’s never a surprise when a liberal is called to task for the things they say. They usually try to justify that what someone else said was worse, etc…it’s the liberal way. Make a point and back it up with the facts. And when a leftist thinker cannot refute what you say, then you are called to task for your spelling, or what site you used as a reference, or say it was taken out of context. Yes, indeed. Hypocrisy and liberalism go hand in hand. For thee, not me mentality. UFB.

  • azzmador

    I guess Al would be okay if someone said, “Yes, I used the n word, but it was only one ni**er!”

  • Super Dave Osbourne

    How convenient this racist pandering POS takes his own statements and ignores the hate they convey, and then produces much more hate and lies, and then tells the questioning party he is lying. Really, this guy is guilty of the worst level of hate crimes in America. He doesn’t unify anyone, he lives a fat high life off the uneducated and stupid who follow his hate propaganda.

    • Bruce Barrett

      he makes blacks look like biggest biggots in the world…….he is shameful and no one does anything. he makes sterling look like a saint

    • Webfxartist

      Al Sharpton was a drug dealer. He got busted and the feds made him a deal after he helped setup some of the Gambino crime family. Check it out it’s true.

  • Pingback: Taking the Reverend Al Sharpton to the woodshed - BitsBlog()

  • Anne

    Why does Sharpton get a pass and Sterling doesn’t? They are equally despicable.

  • Dave

    Sharpton is essentially a race hustling orangutan in a human suit, so why do so many Jews in the TV networks insist upon giving this chimp so much air time?

    • mjloehrer

      Kudos to you for calling a spade a spade

    • James

      Because he’s pro-multiculturalism and hostile to whites…just like they are.

    • StrokerMcgurk

      Give a honest orangutan a break!

  • David Hedricks

    Al would be the first one to march if a white guy’s answer to a racist comment was ‘it was only one ni**er’ …

    • empty pockets

      Exactly what I thought. We have their “playbook”, “Rules for Radicals” but Andrea Tantaros is right. We really need the RULE book. It’s all so confusing… One ni**** isn’t racist but two are? It’s fine for a black to say ni**** but never a “white” (which means no albinos! but what of us pinky-tan-ish ones?) And anything any Republican says, especially a conservative Republican…well, that’s REALLY racist. That seems to be the one constant.

  • Jimmy Blu

    Hey Al… What’s your neck size. We gotta rope for racists like you.

  • Will

    Excellent article Jerome.

  • Leeza Lee

    Well-done story. Thanks for writing it, Jerome.

  • TestPilotDummy

    A simple question.
    What RACE are the Jews?

    Article describes racist rant, yet I was under the impression being Jewish was a religion, not a race, so this would make it actually a “Religious Rant” yet that somehow doesn’t catch the headlines screaming “Poor Jews”

    The violence I have seen this year is that of Israelis hating, killing Palestinians.

    So with all the hallocost garbage going over the alphabet channels, I will assume another .il false flag soon.

    While I am not having a lot of love for Sharpton, the bigger question here is this constant “poor abused jew” crap. OH that’s right, its the same poor old Jews we send billions of taxpayer dollars to. I wouldn’t even make a big deal out of any of this, but every time when discussing Jews people have to layout some asinine paragraph disclaimer about how people hate the Israeli Government, and not the common people/Jews and somehow this is separate. Except for last week, I Hear the (psychopath with many a death wish) NutenYahoo talking about Israel is now officially a Jewish state/nation.

    So what is it, Jews are not hating Palestinians? Look at the maps over the years.
    Jews aren’t prejudice, except I am apparently a “Goyum” or “Goy”

    Look, I have some Jewish in my BLOOD by my family. And I am sick of the whole thing. Psychopaths run Israel. And Jews need to toss out that talumud crap out, defy this war on ARABS and behave like normal people. For a country that hasn’t been around until 1948 they sure do cause an awful lot of false flags, land theft, hatred and death.

    Watching too much more of this psychopathy and perhaps I too will start to HATE that country.

    Hint to Israel people (whatever the hell you want to call yourselves), quit the BS, get those psychopath off the control levers of your country.

    • John H Mccullough

      Hey, dummy (perfect handle) , there is nothing worse than an obviously liberal, gutless, non-practicing Jew.

    • Boccagalupe

      You’re not a dummy, you’re a damn-fool. You think the country of Isreal was first started in 1948? God gave Isreal to the jews long before there was a Syria, Arabia, etc.etc.Read history, a good place to start would be theBible.Of course to do that you’d have to pull your head out.

  • Pingback: You Won’t Believe How Al Sharpton Defended his Racist Rants!()

  • ploome

    Individuals like Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright and Obama, Holder, Michelle Obama will never be held accountable for their race baiting,

    they are held to a different standard than white and Asian folk…..

    just look at the language usually coming from the members of the Congressional Black Caucus-
    they humiliate themselves every time they open their mouths..

  • Tyrone

    It’s ironic that he calls himself a Reverend, because he undoubtedly has a one way ticket straight to He1 1

    • avigene613

      The Reverend’s comments led to the murder of a Jewish student,100s being attacked and injured and numerous homes and stores being damaged.The NYC Police,under orders from then Mayor David Dinkins,were told not to “interfere” with attacks by blacks on Jews,for fear of insul.ting blacksHis actions were addressed in a report by former governor Mario Cuomo (the father of the current governor).He agreed that a pogrom had occurred in NYC. With all the feces she smeared on her face still being a graphic photo on endless newspapers,but not one apology from the reverend,her representative when her story and the reverend’s (he continued to repeat the false charges even after Tawana Brawley admitted that her story of a white assault had been made up)were found to be a total fabrication How does a bottom feeder like this wind up with a TV show to spew his venom?Only with the k now runs the federal government.approval and support of the leftist fools among whose il.

  • om

    Thank you for this video it’s very telling.
    Can’t understand why Al is still begging poor people at NAN every saturday for more money?

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  • http://na sabo

    Sounds like racist rants, from someone of color who has a history of bigoted remarks as Sharpton does, are written off or ignored.
    I dost think we have a double standard in this country….

  • Pingback: #NCSEN: Are you ready for some foo — um, RACEBAITING ???? |()

  • Dave LeBlanc

    I’m sure the Rev. Al will be off MSNBC by today. If not, then MSNBC is beyond embarrassment. Good article.

  • Marcy Scrot

    Why is this clown given any stage for his rants. He represents himself and greed and racist hate….bad for either side or race.

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  • Gina

    And to think that this racist is one of Obama’s friends and advisors. That in itself tells people what type of person Obama is.

  • Pingback: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rants: ‘It Was Only One Jew’. The Double Standard Of Racism | These Christian Times()

  • AC

    He should buy a NBA team.

  • Pingback: VIDEO: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rant: 'It Was Only One Jew'()

  • rbblum

    Ought to give the Al Sharpton’s of the world all the credit they are due . . . as a race hustler.

  • Bubbie

    My question, after living through the Crown Height Riots of August 1991 and listening to the blather and drivel that spews from his foul mouth, he that had rioters bused in from far points to terrify us and our children in Crown Heights, he who together with the sorry excuse of a mayor, David Dinkins urged the police to hold off on the rioters, let them “vent their rage” (over an accidental car death ), well, the police held off, Sharpton’s bused -in rioters injured Jews, destroyed property, smashed windows of stores, brought their children in to loot.. we watched as youngsters carried armloads of jeans, sneakers, shirts, jackets, toys electronics etc. past our windows…. burned cars, murdered by stabbing a young student visiting from Australia, he who fanned the flames of riotous violence that caused my 12 year old daughter and me to cower in our ground floor apartment with lights off for 3 days and nights… question is how and why is such a person allowed to be on air waves, public media, in our buildings of government, and how could so many people in our (previously) blessed country vote for a man, not once, but twice, who speaks well of and even champions and invites to the White House, this lying, incendiary racial bigot??? Answers anybody???

    • 4grands

      He’s just one black racist.

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  • Roy Rodgers

    Sharpton has a bad haircut. Why can’t he just have a muff top like all the other tribesmen in his tribe.
    All he needs is a bone in his knose, a spear and shield. Then he’ll have a right to talk about englishmen. I know he never picked a ball of cotton out of anything but his belley button.

  • blockhead11

    Sharpton is nothing but a race baiting hustler..Hes a total hypocrite and bigot to boot..Any reasonable black person knows this…so what does that say about the White House?

  • Poot

    Piece of shit in a pompadour. But still a piece of shit.

  • Pingback: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rant: ‘It Was Only One Jew’ | ACGR's "News with Attitude"()

  • Stephen Rifkin

    Eventually someone will carbomb him.

  • sincitybbq

    Racism, as it is applied today, is a tool or perhaps, a weapon to be used for political gain.
    On one side, it is used to attack by way of accusation. On the other, as a means of boasting one’s invulnerability to criticism.
    So, when Al says says someone else is racist, it is a message to followers to attack that person. We he himself says something racist, it is to show how powerful he is.

  • Willypiere

    BAN (not too sharp) Sharpton is!

  • Pingback: Question for Al Sharpton: If Donald Sterling is banned from the NBA for racism, shouldn’t you be banned from TV? | Fresno New Times()

  • John D. Stiles

    Why does Al Sharpton have his hair straightened? Think about it!

  • Pingback: Video: Al Sharpton Called out on His Anti-Semitic, Anti-Gay Rants | Western Free Press()

  • http://GLOVER DAVE

    i would like to respond to test pilot dummy . maybe you should go and crash your self off a cliff and stfu. god wrote in the bible the resurgence of israel after a long time of punishment against them for forgetting him, and all he has done for them!! but, i guess you dont believe in god, our the bible because, if you did you would understand it was a propesy!! but again you are to stupid to enlighten one’s self to the thing’s of god! god in his infinte mercy allows scum like you to live in this world but all that shall change soon!

  • John H Mccullough

    Good job Dave. Why do blacks not listen to Star Parker,Thomas Sowell, Walt Williams and Ben Carson? Is the answer that they are too educated or not black enough? Many of the black congressmen keep their positions through race-baiting and keeping blacks on the dole,thus keeping blacks on the plantation under their thumb with their hand out. Lyndon Johnson was obviously quite a prophet when he said that blacks (not really his term) would vote democrat for 200 years with the passage of the Great Society Programs. In other words, democrat sponsored handouts would keep blacks obedient to the party.

  • Dark Man (@darkman1953)

    Miserably, we make the ass-clown bigger with our discussion.

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