• VIDEO: Al Sharpton Defends Racist Rant: ‘It Was Only One Jew’

    Al Sharpton’s history of hate is so voluminous and well documented, where does one even begin?

    The time he disparaged Jews as “diamond merchants” during the unrest of the infamous Crown Heights riots?

    Or when Sharpton tried goading NYC’s Jewish community into an all-out fistfight, saying “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house”?

    How about referring to the Jewish owner of Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Fred Harari, as a “white interloper” for seeking to expand his business in Harlem? (You may have heard of Freddy’s. It was also known as the Harlem Massacre. One of Sharpton’s followers also disapproved of the “white interloper” and burned the store to the ground, murdering eight people including himself.)

    But those tirades were just Sharpton’s anti-semitic ones. He’s also sermonized on “Greek homos” and “crackas” as well as bombarded former NYC Mayor David Dinkins with a barrage of N-bombs.

    So if you’re Sharpton and you’re confronted about some of your “greatest hits,” what do you do?

    Scoff at the questioning and argue that one of your notorious racial slurs wasn’t, in fact, a slur because it was meant for just one Jewish individual.

    No, seriously, that was Sharpton’s defense.

    On the night of the glitzy Washington Correspondents Dinner, Daily Surge Publisher Jason Mattera asked the faux Civil Rights leader if he should be banned from television, “in the spirit of Donald Sterling,” for all the “racist stuff” he’s said over the years. Sharpton, recall, threatened boycotts and protests if the National Basketball Association failed to ban Sterling from the league.

    If you can believe it, Sharpton challenged Mattera to produce evidence of racism.

    And when that evidence was produced, easily (see above) – in this case, him calling Fred Harari a “white interloper” and David Dinkins a n***** – Sharpton ignored the shot at Dinkins, but ridiculously claimed that “whiter interloper” didn’t rise to the level of racism because it was directed at only one Jew, not a neighborhood of them.

    “When did I call Jews ‘white interlopers’?” Sharpton demanded.

    Mattera reminded Sharpton of Freddy’s Fashion Mart and followed-up with, “Doesn’t it take some serious balls on your end to accuse somebody of racism?”

    Sharpton blustered back, “You went from one guy who paid people off the books and was wrong,”  before the “Reverend ” rambled on about ‘lies’ and ‘distortions’ as though he’s been misinterpreted all these years.

    Of course, splitting hairs over anti-semitic comments is probably not the best position to find oneself in.

    “One guy!”

    In any event, who knows how many Jews Al Sharpton had in mind.  When an audiotape surfaced of him disparaging Mr. Harari, his initial reaction was, “What’s wrong with denouncing white interlopers?”  Sharpton eventually gave one of those half-hearted apologies (a bloodbath ensued at Freddy’s, after all) and then carried on with his profession of stoking racial strife.

    As idiotic as Donald Sterling’s comments were, they were still said in private. Sharpton’s tirades, on the other hand, were delivered for public consumption.  And not only has Sharpton been rewarded with his own primetime television show on MSNBC, he’s a frequent guest at the White House and Obama officials headline his National Action Network conference.

    Recently, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP honored Sharpton with their “Person of the Year” award, an accolade that was originally slated to be given to — wait for it — Donald Sterling.

    Watch the exclusive video above.

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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    Miserably, we make the ass-clown bigger with our discussion.

    John H Mccullough says:

    Good job Dave. Why do blacks not listen to Star Parker,Thomas Sowell, Walt Williams and Ben Carson? Is the answer that they are too educated or not black enough? Many of the black congressmen keep their positions through race-baiting and keeping blacks on the dole,thus keeping blacks on the plantation under their thumb with their hand out. Lyndon Johnson was obviously quite a prophet when he said that blacks (not really his term) would vote democrat for 200 years with the passage of the Great Society Programs. In other words, democrat sponsored handouts would keep blacks obedient to the party.

    DAVE says:

    i would like to respond to test pilot dummy . maybe you should go and crash your self off a cliff and stfu. god wrote in the bible the resurgence of israel after a long time of punishment against them for forgetting him, and all he has done for them!! but, i guess you dont believe in god, our the bible because, if you did you would understand it was a propesy!! but again you are to stupid to enlighten one’s self to the thing’s of god! god in his infinte mercy allows scum like you to live in this world but all that shall change soon!

    Why does Al Sharpton have his hair straightened? Think about it!

    Willypiere says:

    BAN (not too sharp) Sharpton is!

    sincitybbq says:

    Racism, as it is applied today, is a tool or perhaps, a weapon to be used for political gain.
    On one side, it is used to attack by way of accusation. On the other, as a means of boasting one’s invulnerability to criticism.
    So, when Al says says someone else is racist, it is a message to followers to attack that person. We he himself says something racist, it is to show how powerful he is.

    Eventually someone will carbomb him.

    Poot says:

    Piece of shit in a pompadour. But still a piece of shit.

    blockhead11 says:

    Sharpton is nothing but a race baiting hustler..Hes a total hypocrite and bigot to boot..Any reasonable black person knows this…so what does that say about the White House?

    Roy Rodgers says:

    Sharpton has a bad haircut. Why can’t he just have a muff top like all the other tribesmen in his tribe.
    All he needs is a bone in his knose, a spear and shield. Then he’ll have a right to talk about englishmen. I know he never picked a ball of cotton out of anything but his belley button.

    Bubbie says:

    My question, after living through the Crown Height Riots of August 1991 and listening to the blather and drivel that spews from his foul mouth, he that had rioters bused in from far points to terrify us and our children in Crown Heights, he who together with the sorry excuse of a mayor, David Dinkins urged the police to hold off on the rioters, let them “vent their rage” (over an accidental car death ), well, the police held off, Sharpton’s bused -in rioters injured Jews, destroyed property, smashed windows of stores, brought their children in to loot.. we watched as youngsters carried armloads of jeans, sneakers, shirts, jackets, toys electronics etc. past our windows…. burned cars, murdered by stabbing a young student visiting from Australia, he who fanned the flames of riotous violence that caused my 12 year old daughter and me to cower in our ground floor apartment with lights off for 3 days and nights…..my question is how and why is such a person allowed to be on air waves, public media, in our buildings of government, and how could so many people in our (previously) blessed country vote for a man, not once, but twice, who speaks well of and even champions and invites to the White House, this lying, incendiary racial bigot??? Answers anybody???

    4grands says:

    He’s just one black racist.

    rbblum says:

    Ought to give the Al Sharpton’s of the world all the credit they are due . . . as a race hustler.

    AC says:

    He should buy a NBA team.

    Gina says:

    And to think that this racist is one of Obama’s friends and advisors. That in itself tells people what type of person Obama is.

    Marcy Scrot says:

    Why is this clown given any stage for his rants. He represents himself and greed and racist hate….bad for either side or race.