COMMENTARY: The Women’s March: Decent People Seduced by the Left

Barack Obama used his devious “Hope and Change” mantra—masking a socialist, anti-American agenda—to seduce millions of “liberal” voters.  After eight years, the electorate finally awakened from the nightmare that was Obama. His agenda—the Left’s agenda—was voted down in the 2016 presidential election. No matter. The Left wants to perpetuate its values by whatever means are necessary. For the Left, the end justifies the means. They don’t care what we—the people who voted for Trump—think. The Left is against individual rights and the rule of law. The Left is totalitarian. They want to revert back to the socialist model and to hell with what the voters have to say about it.

Enter the “Women’s March.” Women from across the nation have descended on Washington to protest their victimhood. The Left has frightened these decent women, telling them that their reproductive rights are being taken away by the Republicans. Once they accept this argument, the marchers fall into line and buy into the entire leftist agenda. The Women’s March is a tribute to the gullibility of large segments of our population. Ostensibly the women are marching for women’s rights, but in reality it is all about fringe liberal movements that aim to ride roughshod over the majority. Look at the predominance of the disaffected among the list of speakers: Angela Davis, Van Jones, Gloria Steinem, Michael Moore. Listen to the angry, vicious hate speech … all in the name of “love.”

What do these Leftists want? Moore revealed the truth when he said that “what we need” in government are women (i.e., liberal women), blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgenders, etc. Falsely posing as a movement of inclusion, this is a movement of exclusion. Men, heterosexuals, and conservative women are distinctly not wanted. I can hear Elizabeth Warren screaming, “We’ve had it with guys like you!” The Left does not want alpha males like Donald Trump. They want feminized men like Michael Moore. And what kind of women do they want? Warren, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris.

President Trump is portrayed as misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC compared Trump to Adolf Hitler. The majority of voters don’t buy all this nonsense, but the New York Times does. The Women’s March should have a huge banner that says, “The best man for the job is a woman.” Let’s face it, they are angry that a woman was not elected president.

The anti-Trump hysteria has been cooked up by the Left, supported by the left-leaning mainstream media, and swallowed whole by decent women who seem to be living in denial of reality. Frankly, I am sympathetic to the pro-choice position, but today’s reality is that abortion is no longer the main issue facing the country. Immigration and Islamic terrorism are the big issues. The Women’s March accuses Trump of discrimination against Mexicans and Muslims because he wants to protect our borders. He is accused of anti-black racism because he believes in the rule of law. The organizers of the march would like to see millions of illegal aliens pouring across the Rio Grande accompanied by riots and looting in the black communities.

And so now we come to the real hypocrisy of the Women’s March. By taking the position that Trump is a racist, their intention is to further divide a country that is already suffering from the divisive policies of the Obama administration. By taking a position against “Islamophobia,” they are condoning the planet’s number one abuser of women: Islam. If these women want to protest policies and behaviors that disregard women’s rights, why don’t they go after the treatment of women under the banner of the Islamic religion? As Kay Hymowitz wrote in City Journal: “Where are the demonstrations, the articles, the petitions, the resolutions, the vindications of the rights of Islamic women by American feminists?”

There is an obvious reason for this hypocrisy. If they would speak out against the treatment of women under Islam, feminists would be obliged to acknowledge the progress that has been made for women’s rights in the West. That would detract from their coveted victim status. By keeping quiet, feminists are colluding with Muslims who want to bring Sharia to our shores. Here lies the sad irony about the Women’s March. Instead of improving the condition of women, the Leftist agenda ultimately would destroy all the gains made by women in the past half century.

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Ed Brodow

Ed Brodow is a negotiation expert, political commentator, and author of In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public.

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