• Geraldo Rivera, DANGER ADDICT!

    "I don't give a sh*t. I've been looking to get killed in action for years."

    Man, I don’t even know where to begin with this video, courtesy of the man who managed to make a “revelation” about Al Capone’s buried treasure less interesting than the remake of “The Great Gatsby”.

    In an interview with Will Cain this week, Geraldo Rivera delivered some so-called “revelations” about himself that people are describing as “candid”. I’m not sure if “candid” is quite the right word, as I usually prefer to stick to terms like “pompous” or “blockhead” when discussing ole’ Jerry Rivers. But, at least this time, he’s wearing more than a towel.

    Anyway, watch here, as Geraldo explains to the world that he has a death wish, which is supposedly why he has placed himself in so many dangerous international locales throughout the decades. No mention here, of course, of that unfortunate 2001 incident in which Rivera was derided for claiming to be on the scene of a friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan…when, in fact, he was actually 300 miles away.

    Hopefully, you can tolerate looking at Danger Man’s rose-colored glasses and scraggly beard for three minutes and two seconds.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

    Fox has history in broadcasting that spans two decades. From his early days as an FM host and club DJ in the mid-90′s to his later experiences in political talk radio, he has always had a knack for combining topical news with his love for popular culture. Those experiences culminated in his position as executive producer for several radio shows featured in the TALKERS Heavy 100. Originally from New York, Fox has made the great pilgrimage down to sunny south Florida.

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