• Arnold Gets to the “Choppa” With Jimmy Fallon!

    Some movie quotes never grow old.

    Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the most quoted movie star in Hollywood history? I’d submit that he is, given ridiculously delicious lines like “it’s not a toomah” and “rubber baby buggy bumpers.” But ask any true Arnie fan what his/her favorite quote is, and they’re likely to forego The Terminator’s obvious “I’ll be back” in favor of this moment from Predator:

    The former Governator of Cal-ee-forn-ee-ya is about as self aware as ever these days (a secret love child with one’s housekeeper can have that effect)…and he has no problem completely surrendering himself to living in the past. Thus, his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon this week, where “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” was the main order of business. It may not have been quite as fun as watching Ah-nuld crush stuff, but it was right up there.

    Indeed, a great Arnie quote goes a long way:


    Post your favorite pieces of Schwarzenegger dialogue below. I’ll even allow lines from Batman & Robin, I promise.

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