• Bill Clinton Looks Awful

    We don’t see as much of Bill Clinton as we used to. When he was president, there were pictures of him running around in jogging suits and talking to reporters so oftenit soon became his shtick. Since leaving public office, when we do see bill he’s usually dressed up and has his hair and makeup done. There’s been little discussion about this. It’s generally accepted that now Hillary is the public figure–and Bill has been relegated to a secondary position of speaking engagements and fundraisers.

    A few weeks ago, Yahoo News reported that Bill spent a few days in Haiti looking over various projects, presenting a grant for a new recycling plant in the poverty stricken country. At most of his photo ops he was dressed in a suit and tie, makeup and hair well appointed. But one of his stops he made without the help of a professional image person let the real Bill Clinton roll out in jeans and a Polo shirt.

    It was in that moment that cameras caught the real, unpolished Bill Clinton. Away from the stylists and makeup artist, the real Bill Clinton looks like crap.

    Bill 2

    And is it a wonder?

    The man is rapidly approaching 70 and has led an admittedly hard life. In recent years, Bill has turned to veganism. “Once a week or so, [Clinton] will have a helping of organic salmon or an omelet made with omega-3-fortified eggs, to maintain iron, zinc and muscle mass,” wrote Joe Conason in the AARP magazine’s August/September 2013. According to the New York Times, when Clinton travels, he also tends to stray from the vegan diet, enjoying things such as filet mignon when traveling.

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