• Black Director Revolts Against Hollywood’s ‘So-called Liberals’

    They ain't letting black people tell the stories

    In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, John Singleton accused the major Hollywood studios of refusing to let black filmakers direct black-themed films.

    “They ain’t letting the black people tell the stories,” the Oscar-nominated director told a group of students at Loyola Marymount University. “[Studio executives say] ‘We’re going to take your stories but, you know what? You’re going to go starve over here and we’re not going to let you get a job.’ The so-called liberals that are in Hollywood now are not as good as their parents or ancestors. They feel that they’re not racist. They grew up with hip-hop, so [they] can’t be racist. ‘I like Jay Z, but that don’t mean I got to give you a job,’ ” Singleton said.

    “They want black people [to be] what they want them to be. And nobody is man enough to go and say that. They want black people to be who they want them to be, as opposed to what they are. The black films now — so-called black films now — they’re great. They’re great films. But they’re just product. They’re not moving the bar forward creatively. … When you try to make it homogenized, when you try to make it appeal to everybody, then you don’t have anything that’s special,” he added.

    Singleton continued: “You’ve got a lot of black executives at the studio who are afraid to give their opinion about what black culture is. There’s a whole lot of black people who work in studios that don’t need to be there because they won’t — if I give them the best thing possible, they’re scared to give it to somebody [higher up], because they’d be like, ‘Woah’ “.

    Last March, comedian-actor and Family Feud host Steve Harvey lashed out against the racially-motivated unfairness he sees in Hollywood. Harvey told the Hollywood Reporter that “Hollywood is still very racist. Hollywood is more racist than America is. They put things on TV that they think the masses will like. Well, the masses have changed. The election of President Obama should prove that. And television should look entirely different. Kerry Washington should not be the first African-American female to head up a drama series in 40 years. In 40 years! That’s crazy.”

    George Lucas said in 2012 that Hollywood studios refused to support his 2012 film “Red Tails” — a feature film about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen – because the cast was all Black.

    Hollywood is not as progressive as some of its most outspoken liberal spokesmen would have the rest of America believe. The criticism of Hollywood as a bastion of racism isn’t knew. They are well known. Here’s a long list of actors and directors who have opened up about the racism they’ve experienced in Tinsel Town.

    Jerome Hudson

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