• Why Conservatives Must Infiltrate Pop Culture

    Last year, BigDawg Music Radio made history as the first music radio station to broadcast live from CPAC’s Radio Row. This year they infiltrated CPAC 2014 with artists and musicians who have conservative and libertarian tendencies, another first for CPAC, nevertheless, sadly few seemed to notice the significant cornerstone it was.

    This would have come as no surprise to the late great Andrew Breitbart, who knew all too well the struggle we are facing. Breitbart said, “There are so many people out there of value who are default cultural liberals.”


    They simply do not understand that ‘Pop-Cultural Conservatism’ can construct a pivotal bridge between our political system and mainstream voters.

    On popular culture being at war with America Andrew said, “it is not enough for conservatives to talk about culture; we need to become the culture.” This was the other half of ‘Breitbart’s vision that lives on through BigDawg Music Radio, where Andrew Breitbart’s bulldog tenacity and fighting spirit will press on.

    So turn your passion into action. Jump in with both feet. Don’t wait for what pop culture and the naysayers consider to be “good enough.” You will never be good enough for them, no matter what you do.

    So what are you waiting for? #WAR

    Lisa Day

    Lisa Day is a communications specialist by trade with 25+ years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing, current events, politics, culture, and American exceptionalism. She's the co-founder of BigDawg Music Radio, and BigDawg Music Mafia, which bridges the cultural divide with artists and entrepreneurs resisting the progressive agenda.

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