• Dead Babies: A New Alternative Energy Source?

    Following the pro-abortion argument to its logical conclusion

    Grim news came from the UK today: The Telegraph reported that the remains of 15,000 aborted (or miscarried) babies were incinerated, some being used in “waste to energy” plants which created heat for hospitals. The Department of Health rebuked the practice upon discovery and banned it from happening in the future. (Of course, the cynic in me demands I mention there is no way of knowing if this really was the first they had heard about the practice.)

    Needless to say, the world is shocked that this was happening. Dead babies being used to heat hospitals?? No! Sickening! Horrifying! I, on the other hand, was neither shocked nor surprised. I didn’t double-take at the headline. I just thought to myself: “What else did they think would happen?”

    The rule of logic demands that any premise be followed to its conclusion. If babies in the womb are not “human enough” to be given the right to life, their bodies are not “deserving” of respect upon their premature removal (read: ripped limb from limb, or carved into “manageable chunks,” or halfway removed from the womb, then stabbed in the back of the head).

    Why not cremate them? It is better than flushing them down the drain. It is better than storing them in jars in one’s freezer like the infamous Kermit Gosnell, the PA abortionist who received life in prison last year for killing babies post birth as well as killing the mother of one such baby. It is better than giving them away to be diced up and used in experiments for a new soda line by Pepsi. It is better than putting them in plastic bags and leaving them out in the dumpster for the garbage collector. Yes, cremation is a better option than most.

    Chuck Norris said it quite eloquently: “Instead of baby, we say fetus; instead of killing, we say aborting; instead of dissect, we say research; instead of extermination chambers, we say abortion clinics.” In this culture, abortion has so dulled our senses that, frankly, I’m surprised anyone but pro-lifers care that babies’ bodies are being cremated without permission in UK hospitals. Babies are killed by abortion. Every single day. In the US, they die at the rate of 2,900 a day. BABIES. You know — how every single human being started life.

    If it is acceptable to kill them because they are disabled, unwanted, inconvenient, or even “colicky,” as one horrible woman said; why is it not acceptable to use their little lifeless bodies as an “alternative” energy source?

    lawrence-fishburneWith 1.06 million little bodies being stacked up every year in the US, some liberal could probably switch over to that “energy source” and save a few hundred trees. I’m not being facetious. I am simply following their arguments to their logical conclusion.

    It’s a conclusion no one should be able to live with. I know I can’t. What are you going to do about it?

    Liberty Pike

    Liberty Pike is Oregon Right to Life's director of communications. A graduate of Eastern Oregon University, Liberty has been a speaker for ORTL for five years. She and her husband have a young daughter, and motherhood has further fueled her desire to protect the preborn and help women see their children as gifts, not crises.

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