• Dinesh D’Souza Tries to Save America, Pays a Political Price

    At CPAC 2014 I got a chance to sit down with Dinesh D’Souza on my radio show, Right Hook Radio. Looking forward to the release of his latest film, America, Dinesh discusses the focus of the film in a world where America never existed. We also talked about the legal issues that loom for him as a “vindictive” President Obama proves once again that the only thing thinner than his skin is his patience in dealing with his “evil” political opponents.

    Listen to my interview with Dinesh D’Souza below:

    Steve Hook

    Steve has been involved in radio for over 25 years. Hailing from Atlanta, Ga. and currently residing in New Jersey, Steve hosts Right Hook Radio on WCTC-AM 1450 www.wctcam.com Saturdays from 1-4 pm.

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