• CNN’s Latest Theory on Flight 370: Zombies


    This happened on CNN, courtesy of Wolf Blitzer: “A brand-new theory is emerging as investigators search the southern Indian Ocean right now. Could deadly battery fumes or an oxygen shortage have actually turned Flight 370 into what some are calling a ‘Zombie Plane’?”



    Meanwhile, HLN is turning to psychics to find answers:

    One of the greatest aviation mysteries since the disappearance of Amelia Earhart has been unfolding throughout the past 2 weeks…and thank God the 24/7 news media are there to cover it all.

    But with so many hours to fill, and so few answers so far, what is a mainstream news outlet to do?

    Speculate, of course!

    And when all speculations within the bounds of logic have been made, then what?

    Conspiracy theories! Hence the zombies and psychics.

    We’ve been watching cable news virtually disintegrate in its nonstop coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (with a specific focus on CNN), as they’ve delivered some of the most bizarre potential scenarios one could imagine. But nothing too out of the ordinary if you’re a fan of “Fringe” or “The X-Files.”

    Now, sit back, relax, and take a look at this compilation assembled for you with the help of Grabien. There’s Don Lemon… and more Don Lemon  as well as a very poorly placed  hologram on Tom Foreman’s lower body:

    Video by Matt Fox

    Oh, and how could we forget? Geraldo Rivera, naturally, has a theory of his own:

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