• Former “Governator” Schwarzenegger Crushes Stuff in Epic Video

    ...for charity.

    To quote a classic Ah-nuld line, “Now we are going to do something extremely fun.”

    See Arnold crush birthday cakes!

    See Arnold crush a piano!

    See Arnold crush a taxi!

    All with a tank! And all for charity!

    It’s great to see everyone’s favorite action movie star of yesteryear finally embracing what he does best: creating spectacles on film. It’s far better than the other alternatives he’s been exploring for the past few years, such as attempting to run a state or, you know…trying to hide his bastard-child from Maria. “Extremely fun”, indeed. If only the films he’s made in the past 2 years had been this enjoyable, Schwarzenegger would be golden.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to “Get to the choppa!” Share your favorite Arnie quotes below…

    Matt Fox

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