• Former “Two and a Half Men” Child Actor is Back, Bearded…and Still Hates His Old Show

    Angus T. Jones continues preaching against the type of "filth" he starred in

    You’ve got to hand it to young Angus T. Jones. In a world filled with hoaxes and bizarre career twists, I wasn’t sure what to make of it when the kid actor started to rail against the “filth” of “Two and a Half Men” and told America to stop watching it. When he first made these comments back in 2012, he was still starring on the sitcom (and clearly looking for a way out). Being my own cynical self, I thought there might be a possibility he was just trying to get himself fired so he wouldn’t have to continue working on the post-Charlie Sheen version of the show, which, at the time, was destined for failure. But, as it turns out, his religious awakening was a real one. So, more power to him.

    Apart from the massive beard that makes him look like a character straight out of Where the Wild Things Are, it would appear that Angus is doing alright. I mean, consider the alternative: he could have gotten himself into Bieber-level dysfunction by now if he’d wanted to. But instead, he chose the path of the righteous. Chuck Lorre probably isn’t too impressed, but I’d say there are certainly worse outcomes for child actors than to be doing Bible-studies in Colorado and preaching about it.

    Preach your thoughts down there…

    Matt Fox

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