• Genius Teen Gets His McDonald’s Receipt Tattoed To His Arm

    He's lovin' it

    Nothing against Norway, but if this story is any indication, then people over there have a rather odd sense of humor.

    18-year old Stian Ytterdahl is apparently quite the ladies’ man…much to the chagrin of his friends, who don’t have as much “game” as him in the courtship department. So, they decided to level the playing field by ordering him to get an outrageous tattoo. Why he agreed to do it is beyond me.

    Stian’s choices, as presented to him by his so-called “friends,” were to either get a Barbie tattoo on his butt…or a tattoo of that day’s McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Understandably (sort of), he chose Mickey Dee’s.

    But the plot thickens, as, believe it or not, Ytterdahl is a tattoo artist himself. And now he plans to tattoo his receipt from the tattoo parlor somewhere on his body as well. Why the fascination with receipts among these Norwegians is anyone’s guess.

    Share your awesome tats below. I’d never get a McDonald’s receipt inked on my arm, but I might consider one to remind me of my Subway “Fresh Fit” meal from the other day.

    Matt Fox

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