• Latest Internet Meme: Sticky Tape Selfies!

    This is America.


    Ah, just when you thought the Internet had given us all there is to offer, some genius invented the hottest trend since #planking:



    I know it’s a difficult concept to wrap your mind around, but here’s how the four-step process is done:

    1. Find tape.
    2. Wrap tape around face until it looks ridiculous.
    3. Snap selfie.
    4. Share photo with the world, using hash-tags like #sellotapeselfie  and #sellofie.

    The world wide web is a wonderful, wonderful place. Take, for instance, these glorious examples of photography:






    And there you have it! Thanks, Internet! Oh yeah, you can thank this guy, too:



    Post a link to YOUR best #sellofie in the comments section, tape-faces!



    Matt Fox

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