• Malaysia: So Hot and Oily These Days

    As the world looks to the always reliable Malaysia (wait, what?) for guidance on the missing Flight 370, it appears that they are considerably more focused lobbying for one of their chief commodities, palm oil, here in Washington, D.C. through the front organization its “regional office,” The American Palm Oil Council (APOC).  Check out their Cracker Jack website here, where for some reason they still think it is Christmas.

    If you dig a little further into this organization (you can view their Foreign Agent Registration Act [FARA], short form here, and their Facebook page here), what you will find is that the American Palm Oil Council appears to be 100% funded by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

    While the APOC “professes to undertake necessary promotional and educational activities to enhance the marketability and image of palm oil and palm oil products in an effort to gain greater consumer confidence as a healthy vegetable oil for the American consumers”….it appears their politics and reliability in other matters may not be as good for you.

    K Street Eyes

    K Street Eyes is an expert in all things shady and humorous.

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