• Meet the Woman Who Drinks 50 Cans of Diet Coke a Day

    At least it's DIET Coke, right?

    And now, the woeful tale of one Jakki Ballan. The 42 year old has been known to drink more than 3 cans of Diet Coke per hour, 10 liters per day, and often experiences panic attacks when her supply is running low. The unusual addiction started when she was just a teen who had been putting on a few more pounds than she liked. When Ballan made the switch from regular Coke to Diet Coke, those pounds came off. But what they came with…was a massive craving.

    At times, the single mother of five has found herself spending as much as £500 a month to satisfy those cravings, which have recently begun to give her hallucinations, in addition to the ongoing constant headaches. “I dread to think what my insides look like”, says Jakki.

    Ballan knows she has a problem, but that hasn’t stopped her from stuffing her purse full of the fizzy drink whenever she’s forced to actually leave the house.

    Read more here, and sound off with your carbonated thoughts below.

    Matt Fox

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