• MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Voter Fraud More Rare Than Alien Abduction


    On her MSNBC show yesterday Joy Reid said “There are a lot of studies that show, literally, you’re more likely to be beamed up into a UFO or struck by lightning than find in-person voter fraud.”

    While I find it surprising that an ‘investigative journalist’ has never witnessed voter fraud, I must admit to feeling sorry for her. Clearly based on her telling, she has been abducted by aliens.

    I hope the space people were nice to Joy when they beamed her up.

    Of course, this sheds new light on the liberal mind. As they say, a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. It would appear a liberal is a conservative who has been abducted by aliens.

    I feel that as a conservative, I will be more compassionate towards liberal voters from here on out. After all, being probed by aliens seems much less pleasant than probing reality to learn about voter fraud.


    (h/t Mediaite)

    Tony M

    Tony M. is a zombie survival specialist, NRA instructor, and a self-proclaimed nerd.

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