• New App Tells You the Best Time to Run to the Bathroom During Movies

    Relieve yourself with "RunPee"

    You’ve got to hand it to people who see a need for a product and then DO something about it. If you’re like me, you hate having to run to the restroom when you’re at a movie theater and knee-deep into some serious plot developments. But perhaps you drank a bit too much Diet Cherry Coke during the previews…and who could blame you, given the ridiculous sizes of movie theater cups these days? You’ve got to go, and you’d better do it soon. There’s bound to be a lull in the movie action somewhere, but how do you know when?

    Introducing RunPee! It’s the new app for Apple and Android that tells you exactly the best moment in current first-run movies to, well…run and pee. It even tells you exactly how long you have to accomplish the deed, so you can time your bladder accordingly.

    Dan Florio is the CPO of the company–that stands for the Chief Pee Officer. “During the remake of King Kong back in 2005, it’s three hours long and I didn’t run-pee but, boy, did I wish I had by the end of the movie,” Florio says. So, he immediately secured the RunPee.com domain, and the rest is history.

    Now with 250,000 users and growing, Dan employs a full-time movie critic, and RunPee covers over 150 new movies a year. You can’t ask for a much steadier flow of RunPee times than that.

    Matt Fox

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