• NYC Charter School Head: If Mayor de Blasio Has Beef With Me, ‘Don’t Take It Out On The Kids’

    The battle over charter schools is about to get a whole lot nastier

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to deny space to three Harlem-based Success Academy Charter Schools resulted in 11,000 parents and protesters marching against the mayor in Albany, New York. The Mayor’s move to close those schools also pushed Eva Moskowitz to say she is willing to do whatever it takes to fight the Charter schools’ closing.

    Moskowitz, a former City Councilwoman and head of Success Academy Charter Schools told CBS New York, “We’re not going to just take it lying down. We are reviewing all of our options. Maybe there’s a legal strategy. Maybe it’s civil disobedience.”

    Mayor de Blasio vowed during his campaign that he would end the co-location program that allows New York City public charter schools to share building space with the city’s traditional public schools. Success Academy is currently sharing building space under a plan approved last year by the Bloomberg Administration. Mayor de Blasio announced this week that he is moving forward with the controversial closures.

    “We are here today to tell you that we stand with you,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said to the thousands of parents and protesters who marched yesterday to protest de Blasio. “You are not alone. We will save charter schools.”

    Success Academy Charter Schools have a 96% pass rate in math. Other New York public schools in the district have a 3-8% pass rate. In English, Success Academy has a 53% pass rate while the other area non-charter public schools have only a 6-9% pass rate.

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    Jerome Hudson

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