• Odor Eaters Holds 39th Annual “Rotten Sneakers Contest”

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    Big congratulations go out to 12-year old Jordan Armstrong of New Mexico. She’s the winner of a contest that’s nearly 4 decades old, and her claim to fame is truly something to brag about.

    Armstrong has the stinkiest sneakers in the United States. Well, at least according to Odor Eaters, who judged Jordan’s kicks as part of the 39th Annual “Rotten Sneakers Contest,” which is indeed a real thing.

    Held at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in Times Square, the Rotten Sneakers Contest is judged in part by NASA “Master Sniffer” George Aldrich. NASA is responsible for calibrating his nose every year before the big event, but Aldrich says even to this day, he still gags during the judging process. Apparently, there are always new and disgusting odors to be discovered.

    Rachel Herz, a professor at Brown University who specializes in smell psychology, is another judge. “It’s not enough that the sneakers repel me–they should make me feel faint. That’s the kind of stink that takes home the gold,” she says.

    So what was Jordan’s secret to winning over the judges with her stank sneaks? “I’ve worn them everywhere for two years,” she says. “They’re on my feet when I’m in school, and I keep them on when I play sports. Sometimes I’ve even worn them to bed.” For her prize, she took home $2,500 in cash, along with a $1,500 New York City getaway that included tickets to The Lion King.

    Runner-up Alex Berner, 14, says his strategy was simple: “No socks!”

    Now that your appetite is surely ruined, share your smelly suggestions in the comments section below.

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