• This Partially Blind Man With No Fingers Is Amazing at Darts



    Up in Calgary, Wayne Chapman is turning heads with his amazing ability. Despite the loss of ten fingers and being blind in one eye since birth, this guy is unbelievable when it comes to the game of darts.

    Imagine playing a game that requires such a detailed level of hand-eye coordination…while having only limited use of both your hands AND your eyes. Chapman is doing it, and he’s so smooth that it looks almost effortless. He’s risen to the rank of 30th playing the sport in Alberta, with no indication of slowing down.

    The 38-year old phenomenon, known playfully to his friends as “Knubbs,” was forced to have his fingers amputated after being frostbitten when caught outside in chilly Northern Canada. But not even the loss of his fingers could slow him down, as he has maintained his job at a tire shop throughout the 12 years since his unfortunate mishap.


    Friends aren’t quite sure how he does it, but his dart pals are convinced that he will continue to climb the ranks of the sport. As Wayne says, “It can only go onward and upwards from here, right?”

    Matt Fox

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