• Profiling, Not Pat Downs

    In January of 2011, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Fox News, “We share a common goal, which is to protect the people of our countries from terror or other attacks, but there are many differences in the United States system versus Israel, part of that is driven by sheer size.”

    Her statement came soon after her tour to Tel Aviv’s security facilities at the Ben-Gurion International Airport, when at the time she had flat out rejected the notion that American airports should adopt Israeli-style security measures. What a shock, because while Israel faces more terrorist threats than any other country in the world, their airport has not been compromised since 1972 thanks to “profiling” and behavioral screening.

    With the ability to profile, Israel has successfully managed to keep their citizens safe from potential terrorists traveling in and out of their country. On the other hand, since the 2001 shoe bomb plot and the attempted 2009 Christmas Day bomber, the American people have been subjected to “intense” pat downs on grannies and little children. One example that took America by shock and righteous anger, occurred on April of 2011 when a female TSA screener at the Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans was caught on video patting down a five year old little girl despite the child’s pleas to stop! Rep. Jason Chaffetz at the time, called the incident “another example of mistreatment of innocent Americans at the hands of the TSA,” outlining that by TSA standards alone, the incident was a “shocking violation.” And rightfully so!

    But it gets worse. While the illegal pat downs continued, a 2012 Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) report stated that the State Department permitted “Muslim Brotherhood officials to enter the country without undergoing routine inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.” In other words, members of the MB were spared a TSA pat down and any kind of secondary screening, meaning, they did not have to have their luggage checked. How convenient!

    We may not know specifically what happened to Malaysian Flight 370, but we do know that two passengers boarded the plane with stolen passports. On March 9 of 2014, USA Today reported that while “more than 40 million travel documents, mostly passports are stolen or missing,” Secretary General Ronald Noble had maintained that “only a few countries” are “systematically checking for them at airport gates,” but “only a handful of countries worldwide are taking care to make sure that persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights.”

    Like the missing Malaysian plane when it turned off course, so should political correctness, especially in a post September 11 world! And boarding an airplane in the year 2014 with stolen documents should have been virtually impossible to pull off, yet two Iranians with stolen passports were allowed to board Flight 370. All the more reason, the world, including the former Homeland Security Secretary, should be getting on board with Israeli-style profiling.

    While millions of travel documents are being stolen and duplicated, political correctness in America kicks into high gear, and the right to profile is infringed upon. All the while, the rights of Americans are being infringed upon, and a designated terrorist organization is getting a pass!

    The last part of Janet Napolitano’s statement, “…but there are many differences in the United States system versus Israel, and “part of that is driven by sheer size,” should never be an excuse to compromise the safety of American citizens!

    Anne McGlynn

    Anne McGlynn is producer for talk radio show, “Right Hook Radio” on 1450 WCTC. Anne has secured distinguished Conservative guests including: David Webb, Jedediah Bila, Jason Mattera, Deneen Borelli, and others. Anne is also a radio host at Union County College in Cranford, NJ.

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