• Vasectomies On The Rise During March Madness

    Oh, Snip!

    “If you are going to be laid up on the couch for a few days, you might as well get it done when there is some great college basketball on TV,” says 40-year-old vasectomy patient Mike LaSalle.

    That’s right; men who have opted for “the snip”are trying to kill two birds with one stone, as the number of vasectomies tends to increase exponentially before and during March Madness college basketball, according to medical experts.

    The procedure may only take less than an hour to complete, but the recovery time usually lasts around 3 days…giving men the absolute perfect excuse to provide to wives who might not be too keen on their hubbies’ derriere being glued to the couch otherwise. It’s a safe bet that some of these guys are using March Madness as a bargaining chip in the first place–ie: “Sure, honey, I’ll get a vasectomy. But only if I can have one while I watch the Florida State Seminoles go all the way.” Or, in other scenarios, men more reluctant to get the surgery who were forced into it may figure March Madness is simply the perfect time of year to distract them from the utter discomfort of their post-op wedding tackle.

    No matter what the case, I would simply caution recovering patients not to jump off the sofa and cheer when their chosen team makes the Final Four. Could be dangerous. Now if men could only figure out a way to convince their wives that the vasectomy recovery time takes four weeks, we’d be golden.

    Insert your relevant jokes below. I’ll get you started: “But, honey…we already tied the knot once…”



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