• Gaga Says “Vomit Art” In the Spirit of MLK

    Born This Way


    It’s hard to fathom how a pop star who has already: 1.) worn a “meat dress” and 2.) arrived at the Grammy Awards by hatching from a gigantic egg…could ever take things too far.

    But I’m pretty sure she just did. Stop reading if you have a weak stomach.

    Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), universally acclaimed as a music sensation and a role model for young people, was vomited on during a stage performance at Austin’s SXSW Festival last week. So-called “performance artist” Millie Brown stuck two fingers down her throat and regurgitated disgusting green bile all over Gaga, evidently to make some sort of anti-Bulimia statement, while Lady sang a song called “Swine.” Silly me; I always thought this sort of “entertainment” was exclusive to the porn industry. Apparently, I was wrong.

    In an interview with Elle.com, Miss Brown explained how she first got into the “art” of vomiting on canvas (and now, people):

    “It was when I was 17. I started exploring performance art and it was an idea that came to be because I wanted to use my body to create a performance that was about the beauty from inside out. I came up with the idea of actually vomiting a rainbow using my body as a tool to create paintings. It’s also about the whole process of the painting. Obviously the paintings themselves can be beautiful or not, but the whole process behind it is what interested me.”

    Well, that sure explains it. No further questions, your honor. But good news: Lady Gaga is now comparing Millie and her “vomit art” to the works of Andy Warhol…and Martin Luther King! So I guess the next generation is saved:

    “I’m not saying vomit’s going to change the world, but…”


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