• Weather Channel Founder: ‘There is No Global Warming’

    In a half-hour video, Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman, 79, aims to document and show how American tax dollars are being used to perpetuate a massive global warming alarmism campaign even though, as Coleman claims, temperatures have not risen in years.

    Coleman is an on-camera weather forecaster for San Diego’s KUSI News Channel. “Coleman’s Corner” is an entire page on KUSI’s website where John Coleman dedicates his time trying to prove that there is “no significant man-made global warming.”

    “A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years,” Coleman’s KUSI News page reads.

    “Let’s get something clear right from the beginning.” Coleman said in his documentary. “I love this planet Earth,” Coleman continued. “I’ve been a citizen of this Earth now for darn near 80 years, and it’s all I got. If I thought that we, mankind, were damaging this beautiful little sphere, this blue marble on which we live, I would be terrified and would give every ounce of energy I had to stop what we were doing.”

    “But I have studied the issue of so-called global warming, or now they call it climate change sense the warming has stopped. I have studied the issues carefully and completely as a good scientist can and reached an absolute and firm conclusion that there is no global warming,” Coleman said.

    (h/t moonbattery)

    Jerome Hudson

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