• #YourMomCares: Team Obama Enlists Celebrity Moms to Pimp ObamaCare

    While Only 25 Percent of Young People Have Signed up


    The Obama administration is in panic mode ahead of its self-imposed March 31st Obamacare enrollment deadline. Just days after President Obama’s “Between Two Ferns” flub, the White House has released a brand new pro-Obamacare video starring the mothers of Adam Levine, Jonah Hill, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez.

    Mischevious: Jonah Hill's mother Sharon Feldstein and Adam Levine's mother Patsy Noah laughed about how their 'rambunctious' sons and warned how people feel invincible when they're young

    This latest ad campaign is likely too little too late. A huge problem with Obamacare, (and boy are there problems), is that Obama’s team has failed to get enough young, 18-34s–and usually healthier–people to sign up for plans on the state or federal exchange. Despite Obamacare marketeers’ best efforts, since October 1, the percentage of those coveted youngsters who have enrolled remains at an abysmal 25 percent. And without an adequate amount of young “invicencibles” enrolled to help offset the (generally) higher healthcare costs of the older and sicker, Obamacare is headed for financial collapse.

    This week’s first star-studded Obamacare push purportedly sent some 19,000 people straight through to Healthcare.gov. That would be swell, if you define success down. People visiting Healthcare.gov–even if they sign up–is worthless if they aren’t picking plans and paying their premiums–which is another huge problem.

    But hey look, a cool rich celebrity singer’s mommy.

    Enlisting the moms: The Obama administration is trying to encourage young voters to sign up for heath care before March 31 so they avoid a tax penalty

    And another.

    Gymnast or singer: Jennifer Lopez's mother Guadalupe Rodriguez said that her daughter's physicality as a child made her think she would be an athlete later in life

    This isn’t the first time team Obama has looked to America’s moms to help sell this train wreck. Last December First Lady Michelle Obama met with a group of mothers at the White House and urged them to talk about Obamacare’s benefits “in the grocery store” and elsewhere in their day-to-day lives. And now the Obama White House is at it again. Only this time, the First Lady brought some friends along for the ride.

    This latest approach to sell Obamacare isn’t likely to persuade young people, but it is good for mockery.

    Guilt trip: Mrs Obama capped off the video by pointing viewers to healthcare.gov

    Jerome Hudson

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