• Ambassador John Bolton: U.S. Foreign Policy Being Decided By “Children”

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton took to the airwaves this morning on Blaze radio affiliate, AM 700 KSEV in Houston and blasted President Obama’s foreign policy record.  Bolton had plenty to say about Secretary of State John Kerry’s puzzling comments that compared U.S. ally, the Jewish state of Israel, to the old racist South African policy of “apartheid.”

    Some of the Ambassador’s strongest condemnations came from the revelation that State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, in response to continued belligerence from Russia in Ukraine, took to twitter to partake in “hashtag diplomacy.”

    Bolton said of the tweeting, “I love children, I just don’t think they should be in charge of foreign policy” Leading Democrats didn’t hesitate to come out hard against Kerry’s insane apartheid gaffe. California Senator Barbara Boxer slammed Kerry’s comments as “nonsensical.”

    Congressman Steve Israel took his criticism a step further saying Kerry was “painfully wrong.”

    Senator Ted Cruz could be heard from the Senate floor yesterday calling for Kerry’s resignation.

    Chris Salcedo

    “Chris Salcedo is the “Liberty Loving Latino” heard and seen on The Blaze Radio and TV Network. He has over 20 years of experience in news and political analysis. Chris is the author of "Liberty Rises" and serves as the executive director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.

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