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  • Can’t Blame Guns: 20 Injured In A Stabbing At A Pittsburgh High School

    Well now, what will the anti-gun lobby say today? Twenty students have been injured in a stabbing at Franklin Regional High School outside of Pittsburgh PA.

    Sadly, this illustrates the fact that you don’t need a gun in order to harm individuals. Since the time of Cain and Abel, violence has occurred in our society. There will be the typical knee-jerk reaction that we should install metal detectors outside of every school in America.  Should we ban rock, paper, and scissors too?


    Edward Woodson

    Edward Woodson hosts the nationally syndicated The Edward Woodson Show. He can be heard weekdays 7-8 am ET on WZAB 880 AM in Miami, FL & 5-6 am MT on KFNX 1100 AM News-Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ and can be reached at

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