• Artist Profile: the Chris Ross Band

    Meet the band New England has been buzzing about

    When Chris Ross steps up to the microphone, his earthy vocals instantly command your attention. As a respected song writer and guitarist, Chris knows how to create catchy riffs, energetic percussion, and memorable, freewheeling pop-tinged grooves. Playing along side him are exceptional musicians who pour their musical soul into everything they touch, cooperatively; they have created radio-friendly, upbeat, songs with memorable hooks.

    Who are these impressive musicians? On lead guitar Dave Brunyak, formerly of the popular “jamband” Humblebee and currently with ‘The Phreaks’ (Phish tribute.) Distinguished drummer Alec Antobenedetto of the premier Allman

    Brothers tribute band and The Peacheaters. And then there’s bassist Vic Comolli of the Led Zeppelin tribute Confounded Bridge, these down-to-earth gentlemen are at the top of their game and they pour their hearts into every note–a characteristic far too many musicians are seriously lacking these days.

    Chris Ross has recently released two CDs titled “The Story of Freedom” and “I Believe,” both receiving rave reviews and national attention. His world-weary voice and bleak, but honest lyrics just kill it! Radio friendly memorable hooks, meshed with a warm upbeat sound, which mixes folk with alt-country.  His debut CD titled “American Dream” was released in June ‘2004 and features soulful originals and classic covers. The CD hit the Top-10
    lists on the cdfreedom.com website for 10 consecutive weeks. Chris has a loyal following and performs both locally at fine restaurants, bars, and large venues such as Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxboro where he has performed numerous times. When you hear the Chris Ross Band live, you soon realize what New England’s been buzzing about.

    Keep up with Chris Ross here.

    Lisa Day

    Lisa Day is a communications specialist by trade with 25+ years of experience in the field of internal and external communication, PR and marketing, current events, politics, culture, and American exceptionalism. She's the co-founder of BigDawg Music Radio, and BigDawg Music Mafia, which bridges the cultural divide with artists and entrepreneurs resisting the progressive agenda.

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