• Coming To A Police Dept Near You: War Machines!

    If you stay on top of conservative media, you’re probably aware that domestic law enforcement has been militarizing at an alarming rate.

    And you may not have heard of this puppy: The Resistant Armored Protection Vehicle, (MRAP).

    Check these things out:

    Designed for operations against insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, these vehicles are not made for conventional warfare. Instead they have a single function: containing civilian unrest.
    And as the conflict in the Mideast ramps down, the pentagon has been selling and “donating” these vehicles to local law enforcement by the thousands. That’s right, thousands. Did you know that a town near you has purchased these vehicles for it’s police department?

    Asked why they needed such an instrument, local police have invoked the same excuse that’s been used to justify everything domestic spying to airport body-scanners: they’re to be a tool in the “War on Terror.”

    So, what kind of communities are purchasing MRAPs to help with this domestic War on Terror? I bet you’re thinking New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago…

    Think again.

    Here are a few towns purchasing these crowd control behemoths:
    Lyon County, Nev. (population: 51,000)
    Watertown, Conn. (population 22,000)
    Walla Walla, Wash. (population: 32,000)
    Story County, Iowa (population: 91,000)

    What are our police department and government agencies preparing for exactly? Why would the Walla Walla Police Department possibly need a 40,000 pound, 10-foot-tall, armored behemoth?

    There’s no doubt that times have changed and police in many parts of the country must now contend with darker threats than Andy Griffith ever faced. But this kind of military hardware seems like something small-town police simply shouldn’t have access to.

    Seriously: mrap-trade-show
    Why all the hyper-militarization? I am no conspiracy theorist; but perhaps it’s time for America to start paying a little more attention to its government.

    Christine Johnston

    Christine Johnston is a Millennial talk radio, news, and TV producer based out of Dallas, Texas. She has a history rich in media and entrepreneurialism. Since 2003, Christine has been in both local and national media and politics, on both sides of the mic and camera.

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