• Cummings: Let Sebelius Rest; She Accomplished All of Her Obamacare Goals

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    “I am glad that Secretary Sebelius was able to accomplish all the things she set out to do,” proclaimed Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Sunday’s Face the Nation.

    Whew! Until I heard the good Congressman say that, I was deeply concerned that Kathleen would be leaving office without having achieved each and every one of her personal aspirations.

    Actually, the last I checked, Sebelius was denying that she ever SET any goals. Remember that whole “7 million was not the administration” nonsense from just a couple of months ago?

    Seriously, though…why is this all about HER goals? How about America’s goals?

    This rewriting of history regarding what Democrats were trying to accomplish with Obamacare–versus what the program ultimately was–is getting quite ridiculous. It’s as if the 2010 elections never even happened. Don’t these guys remember why Republicans earned back the House of Representatives in the first place? It was because a majority of Americans wanted to send a message to Washington…and a large part of that message was about how Obamacare was going to suck. Which it has.

    This idea that the Affordable Care Act has been a huge success, simply because Obama decided to do a public victory lap over (fudged) enrollment numbers, isn’t fooling anyone. Kathleen may think she’s leaving with her head held high in all of this, but in truth, she’ll be forever associated with possibly the most disastrous rollout of major legislation in American history.

    And the even bigger loser here is Obama. He had the opportunity on Friday to announce that he has decided to fire her, which might have helped him take control of the narrative a little bit. Instead, we have Sebelius leaving on her own volition, because she “accomplished all the things she set out to do.” In other words, the administration seriously wants us to believe that the program has been so successful that the HHS Secretary is free to go now, while we as Americans can all rejoice over our wonderful new health plans that she gave us. We’ll see what voters have to say about that come November.

    Matt Fox

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