• A Dead Canadian Citizen Is Powering Your House

    Oh, Oregon, when will you ever decide you are already enough of a “pro-choice” rebel? You already insist on defeating any legislation that even slightly protects the health of women in abortion clinics (like, say, requiring that only licensed doctors perform abortions). Now you have decided to add another line to your resume: You cement your “green” celebrity by using the all-new energy source of “fetal tissue,” also known as dead babies, from British Columbia to generate power in your Brooks “waste-to-energy” plant. Basically, babies are aborted (or miscarried), packed up, shipped south to Oregon, and burned to produce electricity.

    It is unknown how long this has been going on. The Brooks Covanta plant has been incinerating “medical waste,” likely including aborted “fetal tissue,” since at least 2007. A Willamette Live article all too aptly entitled “Burn, Baby, Burn” spoke in 2007 about the plant’s practice of burning medical waste: “Covanta’s Russel Johnston said they burn about 800 tons of medical waste per year…Medical waste is brought to the facility in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed.” Recently, the Telegraph reported that British hospitals were doing this exact same thing and the world was outraged. Their health ministers protested their lack of knowledge and swore it would stop.

    Oregon Right to Life’s Executive Director Gayle Atteberry, upon receiving word of this new “alternative” energy source, said: “As horrified as I am to hear of the bodies of Canada’s smallest citizens being burned to create electricity for our homes, I am not surprised. When we do not respect the unborn babies’ right to life, what stops us from using their bodies for our own gain, whether that be burning them for electricity or destroying them for embryonic stem cell research?”

    This begs the question: If Britain was doing it and Oregon is doing it, who else is doing it? And if it is okay to burn babies for electricity, when will things get even more disturbing and Soylent Green won’t just be a horror flick from the 70s?

    Liberty Pike

    Liberty Pike is Oregon Right to Life's director of communications. A graduate of Eastern Oregon University, Liberty has been a speaker for ORTL for five years. She and her husband have a young daughter, and motherhood has further fueled her desire to protect the preborn and help women see their children as gifts, not crises.

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