• Doctor Racks Up $135,000 at a Strip Club, Then Claims He Was Drugged

    Greatest excuse ever?


    Time for your weekly dose, courtesy the “Why didn’t I think of that?” Department. This time, we’ve got a New Jersey doctor who managed to spend a whopping $135k at a strip club, but refused to pay the tab. His excuse? “I was drugged!”

    That’s right; if you’re a patient of Dr. Zyad Kivarkis Younan, I hope you have no problem with the fact that he spends his free time at Manhattan’s famed nudie-bar, Scores…because this 41-year old cardiac doc really knows how to party. At least we know HIS heart is healthy.

    The good doctor is accused of “racking up” fees on four specific days back in November, though he claims he wasn’t even there on several of the dates in question. Younan says he did not authorize the charges, and that he must have been drugged with something in order to have that kind of a tab. To be fair, lap-dances at Scores can run around 20 dollars an hour, and private rooms can cost $1,000 an hour–so it would take an awful lot of hours to reach over 100,000 smackers. But not impossible for someone spending all of their downtime at the joint, especially with tips taken into consideration.

    One problem for the dirty doctor, though: the club says they’ve got it all on tape.


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