• VIDEO: “Great” Moments In Democrat Racism

    Remember when Cliven Bundy dropped the phrase “white n*gger” during a national television interview, then went on to insult Indian workers at 7-Eleven, prior to opining on President Obama’s “light skin” and absent “negro dialect,” right before dismissing concerns about his post as Exalted Cyclops for the Ku Klux Klan, immediately after pandering in southern drawl to a black congregation, following his accusations that Republicans are secretly pushing to put blacks back in chains?

    Oh, silly us.

    Those comments all came from Democrats, ones we call United States Senator, President, Vice President, Majority Leader, and presumed presidential frontrunner in 2016.

    Why Cliven Bundy decided to hold court on the state of black America is a mystery. His bigoted commentary was rightfully denounced and it hurt the noble cause that brought him into the spotlight.

    But he’s a cattle rancher in Nevada.

    The video assembled above features prominent U.S. politicians and liberal commentators who have gotten away scot-free with their blatantly racist remarks and disgusting racial pandering.

    So let’s cool it on the selective outrage.

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