• Harry Reid and the Best Little Whorehouse in Nevada

    Digging into the warped mind of a psychotic Senate Majority Leader

    With all of the coverage throughout the past few days of racist tirades from various bigots, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the craziest dude of all resides right in the United States Senate…Harry Reid! Over the years, we’ve watched Hopalong Harry come dangerously close to publicly melting down altogether, yet somehow, he’s still standing strong in Washington. You might even argue that his latest vendetta against the Koch brothers has reinvigorated his entire being, giving him a purpose once again.

    But who IS this farcical idiot? To understand the present, we must travel to the past…and that past resides in Harry’s birthplace of Searchlight, Nevada. Things weren’t always easy for this sad-sack senator, and if you have a listen to the player above, you too can be transported to the magical land of Little Rascal Reid’s childhood. Gambling, hookers, toothless mothers–it’s all there in Searchlight. Given who Harry has become, we couldn’t possibly have imagined it any other way.

    Audio by Matt Fox; Picture by Carmela Martinez

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