• Has Hell Frozen Over? Krugman and Kristol Actually Agree on Something

    ...and that something is Cliven Bundy

    Well, this one is strangely refreshing. While the idiocy of Cliven Bundy’s racist tirades continue to serve as fodder for MSNBC to draw political lines in the sand, at least some pundits can manage to find an area of agreement in this whole mess. As Bill Kristol points out in the above clip, The Weekly Standard was among the first conservative publication to issue a warning about jumping to the defense of Cliven Bundy, and that was well before there were any hints of the rancher’s bigoted views.

    Here’s what the Standard’s Michael Warren wrote on April 22nd:

    What was true then remains true today. Cliven Bundy is no hero of any kind. No conservative would pick and choose the laws he intends to obey, defy the rest, and challenge the rule of democracy with guns. No hero would adopt the terrorist’s tactic of placing innocents in harm’s way. Any fool can pick up a weapon and aim at an officer of the law; the moral power of civil disobedience lies in the willingness to defer to the law and accept punishment on principle.

    Indeed, TWS was absolutely right, as was Glenn Beck and several other prominent conservative commentators. So right, in fact, that even Paul Krugman of all people had to concur. Such agreement only happens once approximately every 107 years (longer than awaiting the return of cicada bugs), so it’s kind of a big deal. Someone should definitely let former Congressman Joe Walsh know that the gig is up.

    Fear not, because immediately afterward, the wonky wayfarers went right back to whistling past each other.

    Matt Fox

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