• IRS Agents Who Didn’t Pay Their Taxes Received $1 Million In Bonuses


    ABC World News reported Tuesday on a new watchdog report revealing that IRS agents who didn’t pay taxes were rewarded with more than one million dollars in bonuses.

    “If you don’t pay your taxes, the IRS will come after you,” ABC News reporter Jeff Zeleny said. “Unless you happen to work at the IRS.”

    The  report also revealed how more than 1,000 workers who didn’t pay their own taxes actually received cash bonuses. Sixty-nine derelict IRS agents received raises and 10,582 hours in extra time off, valued at $250,000.

    In 2012, the IRS handed out $86 million in bonuses. The IRS said in a press release that they are reviewing “proper personnel policies” and they “strive to protect the integrity of the tax system.”

    Don’t hold your breath, America.

    Missing from ABC’s report was their mentioning of the IRS’ targeting of conservative nonprofit groups.

    (H/T WFB)

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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