• MSNBC Analyst Tells MSNBC Host Americans Aren’t Watching MSNBC

    Washington Posts mega-blogger and longtime MSNBC contributor Chris Cillizza said to MSNBC host Alex Wagner during Friday’s program, that the average American isn’t watching MSNBC. Talking about the March jobs report Cillizza said, “They’re not watching C-SPAN. They’re not — and I don’t know who these people are — they’re not watching MSNBC and us talking.”

    “They’re just not focused on this stuff,” he continued.

    Whether he knows it or not, Cillizzaa is on to something here. According to the TV ratings gurus over at Mediabistro, MSNBC takes a backseat, way back, to Fox News in nearly every viewer demographic. MSNBC routinely comes in at second place, but does regularly beat out CNN and Headline News.

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    Jerome Hudson

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