• Obama Can’t Stop Cracking Himself Up

    Who writes these jokes?

    Is it just me, or are Obama’s jokes really beginning to go off the rails? Last week, he was talking about “mean-wiches” and “stink-burgers,” and this week…well, he’s just babbling to himself and then laughing at it.

    Case in point: the video above. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I don’t believe there’s anything particularly funny about the phrase, “It’s not right. It ain’t right. It’s not right and it ain’t right.” But Barry seems to find it hysterical, as if he had just uttered some piece of George Carlin-inspired comedic brilliance. He chuckles about it and, in turn, the audience reaffirms him by laughing back. It’s like a terrible catch-22 of dreadful comedy. It’s like the most terrible Adam Sandler movie you can imagine, only worse.

    But wait…there’s more:

    Okay, now why did THAT one get a laugh? I mean, I know he was flanked by women during this speech, but most of the females I know would barely crack a smile over his wholly awful joke about the cost of Michelle’s blouse. Dear God, I hope that quip wasn’t actually conceived of ahead of time–I can’t imagine someone actually inserting it into a speech. Yet the laughter was uproarious, as if Chris Farley had just entered the room. I’m not sure if these ladies were just nervous to give Lord Barry anything other than the warmest possible reception during his “equal pay for women” remarks, or if they were seriously amused by him…but, for the love of comedy, can Americans please stop laughing at things that aren’t actually funny? Validating it only succeeds in promoting more cosmic unfunniness in the universe, and then you end up with movies like “The Love Guru.”

    I’m reminded of this cringe-worthy moment from the 2012 State of the Union Address. Notice how Obama is the only one truly laughing at the joke:

    And then, there was this bizarre presidential riff on Obama’s sweaty gym shorts:

    I guess if you were as personally absorbed as BHO, no one on Earth would be nearly as funny to you as your own self. So it’s no wonder that you’d be in stitches so often. As long as you assured yourself that everyone else is laughing WITH you, I suppose it would be quite an enjoyable existence.

    Matt Fox

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