• ObamaCare: Watch Obama Spike the Football in This Supercut

    Naw, the president never takes victory laps...

    Barry Bama’s tendency towards arrogance and condescension was on full display yesterday, as he declared victory on Obamacare and proclaimed that the debate is over. Insisting that his law will never be repealed and that Republicans would rather see all Americans ill and uninsured, Prezzo slammed his critics…again…and again…Way to unite!

    Above, in cooperation with the folks at Grabien, I’ve put together a little compilation of all the sweet lil’ things the April Fool said about conservatives yesterday. Laughable as it was, it’s even funnier when taken together with this, Obama’s former adviser Bill Burton, who attempted to explain to us last night that Obama is “not prone to victory laps”:

    David Axelrod, on the other hand, admitted that it must have been “exhilarating” for Barack to stick it to the GOP. “I think it will help change the attitude that government can’t do anything,” insisted the Axe-Man.

    Real nice, Dummycrats. I’ve never seen a group of people so excited to declare success over a disaster. It’s  like watching the captain of The Titanic singing show tunes while everyone on board is drowning.


    Matt Fox

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