• Paging Rodham

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has a lot to answer for: Benghazi, the absolute collapse of the “reset” with Russia, the strengthening of al Qaeda, the march of Tehran toward a nuclear weapon, the emboldening of China, the isolation of key allies like Israel, the loss of $6 billion at the State Department while she was Secretary, and now this.

    She was complete disaster as Secretary of State, not to mention that she was also the grandmother of socialized medicine, now known as Obamacare. Yes, Rodham has a lot to answer for…if only we had a press corps who would actually ask her the questions.

    Cross-posted from MonicaMemo.com

    Monica Crowley

    Monica Crowley is a syndicated radio host, Fox News contributor, and author of the New York Times bestseller What the (Bleep) Just Happened...Again?

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