• Pelosi: Everything the CIA Has Done Wrong is Dick Cheney’s Fault

    Glad that's cleared up

    What ever would we do without Fancy Nancy on the scene to explain all of America’s woes to us? Here’s the House Minority Leader on Sunday’s “State of the Union,” blaming Dick Cheney for setting a “tone and an attitude” that was apparently so scary, it essentially took away the ability of all “patriotic” CIA interrogators to think for themselves.

    At this point, it’s a fool’s errand to list everything that Pelosi has pinned on Dick Cheney, so it’s probably wiser to compile the items that she hasn’t blamed on the former Veep. I do believe she has yet to find him responsible for the crash of Flight 370, so she deserves a small round of applause for that–though she’ll probably discover a link sooner or later.

    I guess Nancy isn’t too pleased that we found and killed Osama Bin Laden…or, more likely, she’d just prefer to deny that any intelligence gained from enhanced interrogation helped in that effort. Sure, that makes sense, since, you know, it was clearly Barack Obama who located the world’s most wanted terrorist without the help of any agency. I’d love to see Pelosi’s version of “Zero Dark Thirty,” in which Obama finds Osama all by himself through a diplomatic phone-call, then suits up, descends from a helicopter, and personally shoots the thug in the head.

    See, that’s the problem with people like Pelosi…and Obama too, for that matter: they want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to denounce policies of so-called “torture,” except when those policies actually delivered a great political win for them. And even then, instead of admitting that enhanced interrogation techniques were essential tools, they just pretend as if they would have gotten their man without them. And that explanation usually flies just fine with their base, since you can’t really disprove their hypotheticals.

    So, in short, liberals are still faulting Dick Cheney for everything that’s wrong with this country, six years now removed from the Bush administration. They’ll surely continue doing it for lord-knows-how-long, but I suppose the best we can do is flip their words right back on them. The next time Nancy whines about the “tone” that Cheney set at the CIA, we’ll just have to ask her about the “tone” that Obama has set at the IRS, or ATF, or the Justice Department, or any other agency that feels free to do as they choose with ultimate power these days. Then, watch her face freeze up…that is, if you can tell the difference from her normal frozen look, of course.

    Matt Fox

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