• Smug Holder Mocks Gohmert: “Good Luck With Your Asparagus”

    Never a dull moment on the Hill

    Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on Wednesday, blasting away at Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), after a few explosive exchanges this week. Read more on that and watch the video here. But what on Earth was he referring to? Well, Holder had been long overdue for a grilling, and it would appear that he wasn’t too keen on the tenor of the questioning he was getting. Then again, when does Holder ever like the questions he’s asked? When does he ever even answer them? He usually eats up half of his testimony by scolding lawmakers and demanding to be respected:

    “You don’t want to go there, buddy,” warned Holder of the Congressman.

    So, what happened after Louie “went there”?

    Well, when good ole’ Gohmert asked the AG a basic question about traditional marriage and enforcement of the law, it resulted in Holder uttering, “Good luck with your asparagus” to the Texas Republican. Them’s fighting words:


    Wait, what?

    In case you feel like you may have missed something, here’s what Holder was referring to. At a House Judiciary Committee hearing just about a year ago, the Attorney General was doing a bit of his typical stonewalling, and Brother Louie was not having any of it. So he accused Holder of “casting aspersions on my asparagus”:

    A memorable moment indeed. It makes you wonder what other Texas phrases Louie is packing away in his back pocket for a rainy day. So memorable was it, in fact, that Holder was obviously still thinking about it an entire year later. I’d imagine that he has been relishing the opportunity to throw it back in Gohmert’s face ever since…which makes him a real sociopath. Here’s Glenn Beck’s take–he went so far as to call Holder “psychotic”:


    Now that you’ve heard the whole story, grab your asparagus and write a comment below. Have you had enough of Eric Holder’s shenanigans? Are you proud of Brother Louie for standing up to that smug jerk-face? It’s your turn to sound off…


    Matt Fox

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