• Spain Introduces the $2,000 Dollar Meal

    Move over, dollar menu

    Would you fork over two thousand smackers for one lousy meal?

    Okay, to be fair, the admission price is technically €1,500. And it’s probably far from lousy. But that’s what you’re about to discover in Spain, when world-renowned chef Paco Roncero opens his new restaurant. As you can see from the slightly euphoric video above, “Sublimotion,” opening soon at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, is intended to be a multi-sensory experience. Chef Roncero has been working on the concept for over a year, and claims to have spent time studying the role of human senses and emotion as they relate to the dining experience. Kind of makes you feel like you’ve been selling yourself short every time you eat a microwavable hot pocket, no?

    From Yahoo! News:

    “Working in Paco Roncero’s workshop, you realize that your work as a cook doesn’t end with what you put on the plate. The combination of tastes you can create. You can also perceive sensations,” said one of the Sublimotion chefs. An entire environment is created for the guests that influences how the dishes are experienced. “Eating on the beach is not the same as eating in a field. And that is what we have developed in the Paco Roncero workshop,” said another of Roncero’s chefs.

    When you enter the dining room, you’ll experience customized temperatures, aromas, music, and images projected onto a wall, as well as onto the table itself. In other words, if you’re pregnant or nursing–or just have a weak stomach overall–this may not be the dinner experience for you. It’s sort of a cross between upscale dining and a rave.

    According to the restaurant’s website, “Unexpected turns throughout a magical tasting menu will incite the guests’ most forgotten feelings. There will be time for humor, pleasure, fear, reflection and nostalgia.”

    They totally had me, up until the whole “fear” part. And the two grand price-tag. But I’m trying to be positive. Honest.

    Sublimotion can only seat twelve patrons at a time, but I’d imagine there’s always room for Barack Obama if he decides to swing by. Apparently, he wasn’t too keen on his $300 sushi and never finished it.


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