• The Worst Obamacare Salesman in America

    ...is the man whose name is on the thing

    With Sebelius headed out the door, there’s never been a better time than now to take a trip down memory lane about how Obamacare was sold to America.

    Actually, come to think of it, the pitch wasn’t so great after all.

    For a president so hell bent on socializing America’s health care system, you’d think he would be able to sell the thing better. But alas, it has become clear that he never really understood what he was pimping in the first place. We can argue over whether or not Obama knew ahead of time that his “keep your plan” promise was a lie, but the truth is, when you listen back to his various pitches from before, during, and after passage of Obamacare, he just sounds like one confused puppy. Truthfully, there were so many cooks in the kitchen throwing things into that ridiculous bill that there’s no way a lightweight like Barack was ever going to be able to keep it all straight.

    And that’s makes him The Worst Obamacare Salesman in America. Don’t believe us? Click the player above. This dude couldn’t sell a band-aid to a bleeding man.

    Audio by Matt Fox

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