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  • Benham Brothers Speak Out: ‘They Just Don’t Want Us To Be Vocal About Our Faith’

    Real estate entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Monday night to address the controversy over their anti-homosexual remarks that led to a cancellation of a planned reality show starring the brothers, with Jason Benham remarking that “it’s not that they’re concerned with the fact that we have faith; they just don’t want us to be vocal about our faith.”

    The Benham brothers explained to Kelly how the brief severing of business ties between the brothers and SunTrust Bank unfolded.

    “We went directly to SunTrust and said, ‘Can you tell us why and will you change your mind?'” Jason explained. “Within a matter of a few hours, they said, ‘We can hire and fire whoever we so choose.’ So we asked for a direct answer and we got an indirect one.”

    “So we made the conversation public,” Jason continued, “and within a matter of about eight hours, we received all our properties back, so did our franchisees with an apology from the president. So they actually flipped the decision and they’ve done the right thing.”

    Jason later explained what he and his brother believe the “homosexual lobby” are seeking to “silence” by removing them from HGTV.

    “We do believe that there is an agenda to silence,” he asserted. “It’s not that they’re concerned with the fact that we have faith; they just don’t want us to be vocal about our faith.”

    “My brother and I love all people,” Jason continued. “And the reason that we love all people, regardless of belief, is because God lives inside of us. And we know that if we love God, then we naturally will love people.”

    “And so in doing that,’ he concluded, “when you present truth — which is an absolute standard, handed down by God — that’s something a lot of people don’t like anymore.”

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